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Suicide Is on The Up

Let’s picture the scene: a bright sunny day in Spain, the captivating, irresistible villa, a stunning, remarkable lady with an outstanding figure walking in slow motion with a confident smile on her face- living the dream- or so we thought!!. Could you imagine this woman brutally ending her own life a year later? No? Me […]

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The Link Between Lack of Support and Romeo and Juliet’S Suicide

If parents are too strict with raising children, they may become more rebellious than if the parents were laid back. This is seen in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, in which, because of their strict parents, Romeo and Juliet end up dead because of forbidden love. Romeo and Juliet would live longer if they were raised […]

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Teenage Suicide Essay

Teenage suicide is a growing issue in KY and as such there are several programs and projects related to the issue. This is a situation which has had an alarming spike in this area over the last few years. Current programs and projects directed to the macro client here in KY are Senate Bill 65 […]

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The Term “Suicide” As “Self-Destruction”

Suicide has always been a very difficult discussion to most all people. Suicide or suicidal people are people who choose to take their own life or a person who is thinking about ending their own life. Years past, individuals may have been arrested for reporting such illness to authorities, but within recent years, these persons […]

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Rural Youth Suicide

Youth suicide in Australia is said to be mostly associated with extreme depression and most of youths who have been victims of this horrible situation are said to have tried it in the first time. According to the research the rates of youths committing suicide have increased due to psychological differences such as mental illness, […]

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Mercy Killing: Contradicting Assisted Suicide 

Patient: I haven’t been feeling very well lately, let me just set up a doctors appointment and ask for secobarbital so I can just end my life instead of conquering the pain. Doctor: I understand there is a possibility this patient may live, but let me just assist their suicide and prescribe this medication to […]

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Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory

In Erikson’s psychosocial theory, there are various stages in which personality is developed and built as an individual age. The experiences of each person can vary, depending on the psychosocial crisis, which could be either negative or positive. The crisis of each state is described as psychosocial because they involve a person’s needs and the […]

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The High Risks That Can Lead to Suicidal Thoughts

Communication is the most important trait in all disciplines and careers, though it is not what is said but what is heard. As a Communication major, it is important to know all sides of an issue before truly being informed of a topic. Social Media has become so important to comprehend in order to be […]

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Mental Illness, Is It a Real Disease Today?

Mental illness, is it a disease? Is it just a figment of a person’s brain? Why is it so common? Lastly, why are adolescents burdens with this dark cloud of mental illnesses and suicide? I never really had any type of contact with mental illnesses as a child, it wasn’t till middle school when it […]

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Romeo and Juliet: Fr. Lawrence Is to Blame

Romeo and Juliet is known worldwide as a tragic love story between two star-crossed lovers which ends in impulsive suicide out of pure love, but many don’t know that these deaths were purposefully orchestrated by an unmasked killer. Throughout the story the reader falls in love with Romeo and Juliet, two teens in desperate love, […]

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Risk Taking During Adolescence

Last June on Long Island, a 15-year old girl driving a stolen SUV with nine other passengers crashed on the Meadowbrook State Parkway, killing three teens and injuring seven others who were crowded in the back of the car. It was “skip school day” for the teens who were headed to the beach at the […]

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Cyberbullying: What Does It Mean and How Can It Be Solved

Nina Dobrev once said, “In the cyberworld, bullies have a wall to hide behind so they say things that they probably wouldn’t say otherwise. It’s because they are unhappy with something about themselves so they lash out in an anonymous way.” (Dobrev, par. 1) Cyberbullying is when someone uses technology to send hostile, threatening, or […]

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Causes of Teenage Depression

Teens, like me, go through depression everyday. Many of us don’t need to go through it, but so much goes on in our everyday lives. That sometimes we just get in the wrong state of mind. When they are in that state of mind, when they are feeling hopelessness and get into a hole of […]

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Why Gun Violence Occurs

In the United States, the number of cases of gun violence have increased tremendously. The reason why these numbers have been so high is because guns have been made easily accessible to the general public. The implications that gun violence has had on the country are so damaging that it is time that the American […]

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The Effect of Cyberbullying on Social Platforms 

As a part of everyday life, Social Platforms have had an overpowering effect on people’s behaviors. Although Social Media has opened up exciting possibilities for positive interactions, there have been negative ones too. One is cyberbullying, the #1 cause of suicide around the world. Cyberbullying is on the rise, and the impact is often underestimated. […]

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