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Smartphone Addiction Ruin Adolescents

Sadly, the smartphone is made of interesting qualities and components that makes this device highly addictive, especially for adolescents. Studies are being shown to consider the present risks of young kids having addiction and the important psychological causes that arise in the use of a smartphone. Approximately, four hundred ninety middle school students took a […]

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Drug Addiction a Disease or a Choice

Introduction There are different types of addictions in the world that include drug, sexual, eating, and television addictions. Over 40% of the American population is affected by one or more addictions (Ross, 2010). Addictions are habits that one acquires, and after practicing the habits for sometimes, it becomes impossible to function without practicing the given […]

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Technology: an Addiction

Technology has become such an integral part of our lives. Even now, I realize as I am typing away on my polychromatic keyboard that I spend more time using technology than I do with human interaction. Technology is everywhere. We see it every day in our homes, our classrooms, our working environments. It is unavoidable […]

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The Issue of Addiction and Substance Abuse Among Nurses

In considering how to best combat the problem of substance-abusing nurses, it is important to note that, very likely, no one single strategy will prove to be effective in all instances. Indeed, the vast majority of chemical dependency professionals agree that a multifaceted and holistic approach is best when helping the addicted to manage their […]

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Alcohol Abuse and Addiction Problem

Alcohol has been popular since the Dark Ages. Wine, Mead, and Beer has been around for ages and is still legal. Except the problem is that there are many bad side effects of alcohol but its still in massive production. You might be watching TV and see an ad how amazing and refreshing that beer […]

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The Truth of Drug Addiction

As Nathan Driskell once said, “Addiction is the only prison where the locks are on the inside.” Addiction is a common issue that numerous people don’t even consider. Over twenty million Americans under the age of eighteen are, or have been addicted to a type of drug. Drug abuse is a major concern despite a […]

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Teenage Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

Underage drinking continues to rise across all nations, and parents and adults appear to be more accepting of teenagers drinking at home, where they are supposedly safer and chaperoned. Additionally, it can be stated that in today’s world we have more young adults, middle-aged and elderly people that are consuming more alcohol then historically, brought […]

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Effects of Substance Abuse and Addiction

I took this class to help me to become a better, more empathetic future practitioner. The lessons I learned definitely achieved this goal. Some of the things I learned from the class include, how to be respectful of people’s boundaries, how to make sure that patients are comfortable and relatively unafraid, and how to be […]

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Inadequate Research Delays Effective Remedy of Online Gaming Addiction

Video game obsession has been the concern of parents, educators and health officials yet there has been no breakthrough in the diagnosis or treatment. Currently, this concern is discussed more with individual therapists and dependance centers resulting in delays of an official approach to ending online gaming addiction. (Van Rooij, 2017) Recognize the problem Video […]

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Drug Abuse As a Social Problem

Drugs and alcohol have been in act since a very long time. They have been portrayed and considered cool. There are many movies, TV shows and videos in which acts like smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and doing drugs are put out for millions of audiences including young children, teenagers and adults. This has influenced many […]

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Our Relationship With Digital Technology 

Digital technology is used everywhere and all over the world. It is used in classrooms, hospitals, and in grocery stores, we even use it to help us find where we need to go by using GPS and keeping in touch with family members and friends. Whether, we like it or not technology has taken over […]

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Promising Career As a Shakespearean Actor for The Performance of Othello

Everyone around Mary is desperately trying to make Mary stop, but on this long day, Mary chooses instead to numb her pain to escape to a broken reality of the past. O’Neill uses Mary to show a relapse that in a matter of a day makes Mary insane from drowning in the morphine. James Tyrone […]

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Substance Abuse Among Nurses

For many individuals, the word “nurse” may oftentimes be associated with the practices of caring, compassion, helping, and healing. While these connotations can be very true for many nurses, there exist a number of barriers which can sometimes prevent this idea from being a reality. One such obstacle is that of the impaired nurse or […]

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Dealing With Substance Abuse in The Family

I walk through the door after school, into the never-ending battle ground I call home, darkness engulfs my eyes. She’s sleeping again. Better than being awake | guess. I scavenge for food in the kitchen, I find a few crackers and some peanut butter, a month past its expiration date. I don’t care. I devour […]

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