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Personal Philosophy of Nursing Profession

In today’s society most people know what career path they are going to pursue before entering college and have known exactly the purpose of their career. However, I had no idea the career path that I wanted to pursue until I was encouraged by peers and instructors to look into nursing. While upon doing research […]

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Nursing Informatics

Introduction The concept of information technology is changing the field of healthcare with the use of new tools such as devices and software. The transformation has particularly transformed the nurse who is the reason why the healthcare information technology is always known as nursing informatics. The following paper is a discussion of a relation on […]

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An Essay on the Shortage of Nursing

It is widely documented that the healthcare revolution. That began in the late 1990s led to many changes especially. Those related to fiscal restraint and cost containment in the healthcare sector. Most importantly, the twentieth century is referred to as an era of downsizing. And organizational restructuring; factors which caused a rapid increase in the […]

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The United States Nursing Shortage Profession

In the United States, the nursing profession is the fastest-growing career. The numbers of registered nurses in health facilities continue to decline still as their demand increases. Job growth estimations index by the Bureau of Labor Statistics’. Nursing among the principal occupations experiencing growth. Expectations are that by the year 2024 more than three million […]

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