Causes of Teenage Depression

Teens, like me, go through depression everyday. Many of us don’t need to go through it, but so much goes on in our everyday lives. That sometimes we just get in the wrong state of mind. When they are in that state of mind, when they are feeling hopelessness and get into a hole of darkness it is hard to dig yourself out of it. Depression is a bad illness that takes a while for teens especially to get out of depression. Then teens start thinking about suicide and that shouldn’t be a decision for them to think about. Committing suicide is want most teens think about doing because they think no one can help them. Depression is a very dangerous thing especially when it comes to young kids my age wanting to kill themselves. I will share reasons of how people get depressed and of what can help them get through depression and what works and doesn’t work for them.

According to Christine Watkins, Greenhaven, in the article ‘Introduction to Teen Suicide: At Issue,’ she states that “suicide is the third leading death to ages eleven to eighteen in 2013”(introduction). Now I’m sure suicide is probably a number one problem around the world. Teens get depressed by many different things. There aren’t specific things that get teens depressed it just depend son how they take it but bullying is a major reason and sometimes heartbreak, family problems and etc.. Many things to make there depression worse that it already is. Cosslett states “When you get off antidepressants they make you grief about things and now it is manageable as opposed to paralyses” implying that she studied it and it makes them worse (Why treating your depression). If antidepressants don’t really work you are probably thinking well then what helps them.

Parents, teachers, coaches, etc. are trying to figure out how to help their children,students, and athletes while they are going through a stage of hopelessness and sadness. It is hard for teens to get help because according to Shapiro, Michael, in the article ‘Teenage depression: If a parent doesn’t get treatment for a child, is that abuse,’ he states that “Parents don’t truly understand when their child is depressed because they don’t know the symptoms because they have lack of knowledge about children in depression. Teens experience depression for a while even longer than their parents know about it. Parents are lucky if they have their child or a teen tell them they are feeling depressed because it is rare for a teen or child to tell you they are depressed” (Teenage depression).

So from my research they say that getting treatment and having teens talk to someone really helps more than medication. Medication helps a little but it could worsen their depression. By having them see help and talk things out is the best thing for them.

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