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Mammography and Cancer

Introduction Mammography is one of the most debated and medical procedure that has been scrutinized intensely at this point in time but there are no disagreements found on some two points. The first point is that there is no other screening tool for breast cancer that has the best combination for specificity and sensitivity. Secondly […]

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Breast Cancer Awareness Essay

Why is it so important to spread awareness about illnesses like breast cancer? Some diseases like breast cancer can be cured if they’re detected early, however not everyone is aware. As students of the medical field we should educate the public about breast cancer and spread awareness. Not every is informed about their health issues […]

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Get Rid of Abortion or Not?

An induced abortion is the act of purposefully terminating an unwanted pregnancy. There are correlations to suggest that the medical procedure increases the woman’s risk of breast cancer because of its impact on the body. The damage is escalated even further if the abortion is performed before the third trimester. Young women have breast lobules […]

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