Teenage Suicide Essay

Teenage suicide is a growing issue in KY and as such there are several programs and projects related to the issue. This is a situation which has had an alarming spike in this area over the last few years. Current programs and projects directed to the macro client here in KY are Senate Bill 65 which in 2010 was passed by the Governor, another one was House Bill 51 which was written as a suicide prevention tool for high school students and staff and is for staff to complete 2 hours suicide prevention each year. House Bill 51 was also put into place for the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to post suicide prevention training and awareness information on its website, and for every public-school administrator to give info to all students on suicide prevention awareness on Sept 1 of 2010 and every year thereafter (S.P.&.A.).

KVC is a KY based program which offers in home treatment providing master’s level therapists and case managers to treat teens as well as adults using interventions targeted at the individual’s specific needs. (M.) September is set aside in KY as suicide prevention awareness week. This month is set for the awareness, prevalence, and prevention of suicide offering guidance, education, and support for families of suicide (NAMI) As of Jan. 2015 KY, became the second state to require suicide prevention training for mental health workers and other professionals (afsp.org)

When teenagers have nowhere to find help in learning how to cope or how to use skills or release mechanisms to help when in a trigger induced full on episode the possibility of stressors or peers overpowering their emotional and mental boundaries are stronger which then can trigger the teenager into having suicidal thoughts or even following through on attempting or completing suicide, which is why the time for coming together of local, county (micro), state, and even federal (macro) to determine ways and means to establish more centers for the care and prevention of suicide in teenagers, outreach programs, family oriented support and training for family, friends, and communities to know the warning signs of possible issues with the suicidal teen is now. There needs to be research on locations such as rural and urban areas to determine if there are differences in larger or smaller populations. It is unacceptable to lose even one young person to a successful suicide!

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