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Obesity Disease: a Lifetime Struggle

In America, there is an abundance of food. While most people consider this an amazing thing, it can be considered the exact opposite for people like me. Who am I? I am 21-year-old female and I weigh roughly 230 pounds. While weight does not define who you as a person, it can definitely be a […]

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Obesity in America: Is Overweight The New Normal?

Obesity is a rising problem in the United States, and it is only getting worse. At the same time, body-positivity movements are taking over America. For example, movements like “fat-pride” are encouraging people to be happy with their overweight/obese bodies, but are they doing society a service by promoting this? When someone takes a look […]

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The Problem of Obesity in America

Obesity is weight that is higher than what is being consider health weight and that is given by the persons’ height. Too much weight can take a toll on your body and heart. We can take the proper steps to get healthier and beat obesity. BMI or Body Mass Index is a tool that establishes […]

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The Problem of Obesity in America: Child Obesity

Obesity can be defined as a condition where a person body has accumulated abnormal or an unhealthy amount of fat tissue. Cause a negative effect on the person health . A person is consider to be obese when their body weight is 20% higher than it is supposed to be. The importance of a healthy […]

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Technology in The 21St Century?

Today’s generation find it way more difficult to talk to people face to face because it is easier to be on a device rather than a cell phone. The first reason is technology is going to keep advancing over the years it will cause people to be less creative. The second reason technology is taking […]

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America’s Sweetest Serial Killer… Sugar!

The US Government needs to declare war on today’s new drug, sugar. The use of sugar as a food substance has been shown to exist even before crops were deliberately planted for harvesting. Ancient hunter-gatherers would take note of certain plants that, when chewed, provided a very sweet taste, and would mark these plants out […]

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The Effects of Sleep Deprivation in Early Childhood

It is general knowledge that sleep deprivation has adverse effects on a person’s wellbeing, but the effects of sleep deprivation go beyond negative health issues for young children. Preschoolers and young children who do not get an adequate amount of sleep every night can have difficulty functioning during daytime activities and experience symptoms that are […]

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Math Is Used in Everyday Life

Numbers are a vital part of our daily life. We base our life off of 24 hours each day, and during that time, we interact with numbers more than we realize. Anything from checking the time, to shopping, to even eating is essentially controlled by numbers. Saving time, money, measuring ingredients when baking, all depends […]

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The Problem With Body Shaming

A flaw in our society is people who body shame. The definition of body shaming as defined by Oxford Dictionary is “the action or practice of humiliating someone by making mocking or critical comments about their body shape or size.” People body shame others because of the way they look. If they do not look […]

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Type 2 Diabetes and Teenage Youth

Diabetes has been described as a disease that kills silently, and it appears to be on the rise in today’s youth. You may be asking yourself what diabetes is, what does it mean that diabetes kills silently, or why diabetes is affecting more of our teenage youth of today? Let me start by saying that […]

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Social Justice Issues in Today’s World: The Impact of Power and Health

In Octavia’s Brood, the social justice issue depicted in the story Hollow supports the idea that the material body and its health, vitality, and natural and social environments not only create and discipline the citizen-subject but also provide the conditions necessary for its recognition and political agency within biopolitical modes of governance, broadly constructed…to dive […]

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