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The Issues With Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a controversial issue, mainly in the current year, 2019. It has brought up multiple health issues and some of which have even caused some to die during or after their procedure of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is mainly used to change the disliked features of oneself. Therefore, demonstrating how plastic surgery has […]

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Two Coins of Plastic Surgery

Nowadays, many people think appearance is more important to support their live. The thougest is the assessment of the environment that exists on the appearance of others. Disbelief of appearance brings the desire to perform plastic surgery that probably, Both Women and Men wants to do cosmetic surgery also called plastic surger.This is mostly done […]

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World War I: Revelations for Medicine

We have been healing since the first time man walked the earth. Dressing injuries, fighting off disease and infection. It has always been human instinct to eliminate our pain. In nature, medicine is evolutionary. It is essential that it adapts and overcomes the maladies that plague this world. But never had medicine taken a larger […]

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