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Drug Addiction a Disease or a Choice

Introduction There are different types of addictions in the world that include drug, sexual, eating, and television addictions. Over 40% of the American population is affected by one or more addictions (Ross, 2010). Addictions are habits that one acquires, and after practicing the habits for sometimes, it becomes impossible to function without practicing the given […]

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The Truth of Drug Addiction

As Nathan Driskell once said, “Addiction is the only prison where the locks are on the inside.” Addiction is a common issue that numerous people don’t even consider. Over twenty million Americans under the age of eighteen are, or have been addicted to a type of drug. Drug abuse is a major concern despite a […]

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Animal Abuse in Medicine and Science

The arthritis drug Vioxx showed it had a protective effect on the hearts of mice. Yet, 27,000 heart attacks and sudden cardiac deaths happened before the drug was pulled from the market. The use of animals for scientific research is not always accurate and animals lives are abused because of it. Though animals are used […]

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Should Performance Enhancing Drugs Be Legalized in Professional Sports

For many years, the use of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) was thought to be absurd, impractical and somewhat bizarre. While there are currently no professional sports that allow the use of performance enhancing drugs, recently arguments on whether they should be used or not have sparked some controversy in the sports world. An ethical argument […]

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News of a Kidnapping

News of a Kidnapping was written by author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This is a nonfiction book, originally published in 1996, in Spanish, then published again, in 1997, after being translated to English. The setting of this book takes place in Columbia, in the 90s, with a theme focus on extradition. During this time, Columbia suffered […]

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The Pros and Cons of Marijuana: Its Effects on the Human Body and Medical Use

The Basics Of Marijuana Marijuana is the new big drug that is causing teens and adults to spiral down into addiction. In 2016 more than twenty-four million Americans were current marijuana users. Today there are many questions about whether marijuana is good or bad for the human body, and that is just the beginning of […]

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Using Medical Marijuana for Pain Relief

Is the use of marijuana ethical because it is legal in some states? Greg Cole has retired from the Marine Corps with several life-threatening injuries and insomnia. Living in California, Greg used medical marijuana to ease his pain and help him sleep at night because he did not want to get addicted to pain pills. […]

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Negative Consequences of Legalizing Marijuana for Medical Purposes

A majority of individuals advocate for the legalization of Marijuana for medical purposes, but there are clear oppositions against the arguments that they have developed. I do not advocate for allowing the legalization of Marijuana since it has multiple negative effects, such as its effect on cognitive abilities, smoking damages your lung tissues, creating a […]

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