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Why It’S Important to Get Vaccinated Every Year

Vaccinations are non-lethal injections that produce immunity against a disease by providing the immune system with antigens, a copy, of the disease so that the body can fight against diseases on its own. They’re kind of like anti venom shots for people bitten by snakes. Your body has to have a copy of something to […]

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Vaccines Must Be Mandatory

The history of vaccines goes all the way back to the late 1700’s. It all started with Edward Jenner in 1796. He had a wide range of knowledge from farming communities where he lived. Edward created the first vaccine for smallpox by 1798. Pus from a cowpox sore was injected into a young boy. He […]

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Animal Testing As Beneficial for Research and Science

In order to enjoy the products that we use every day, each product has to go through a series of tests in order to ensure that it is safe for humans to use. Millions of animals are being tested on every year in medical and cosmetic tests performed by several different industries. These animals are […]

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