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Linguistic and Education

At the age of two years, Josefina migrated with her parents from Philippines to settle in Australia. Their ancestral home is a town outside Manila in which the majority of people spoke Tagalog. Regardless of that, the official languages which are used in Philippines are English and Filipino. Because of that, she managed to get […]

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The Giver by Lois Lowry

The plot for The Giver is very fresh and original. Children’s Literature states that, “The plot is the plan of action; it tells what the characters do and what happened to them”(3rd edition, pg.10). The Giver starts off in a society where a boy name Jonas lives. The main conflict is man vs. society. Jonas […]

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Importance of Theater

Theater is a collaborative type of compelling art that utilizes live entertainers to introduce the practice of a real or envisioned experience before a live gathering of people in a certain place. Entertainers may impart this experience to the group of audience through mixes of motion, speech, tune, music, and dances. Components of design and […]

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Psychological Study of Cognitive Development

In this era of information abundance, scientists have discovered a relatively new form of science of the mind known as cognitive psychology, which has revolutionized the realms of psychology. Cognitive psychology is essentially the study of mental processes such as attention, language use, memory, perception, problem solving, creativity, and thinking. (‘Cognitive psychology’, 2018) Needless to […]

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Reference to the Gettysburg Address in Morrison’s Nobel Lecture

Morrison, in her Nobel Lecture, gives her own take on an old story about an old, blind but wise woman in relation to the use of language. Morrison’s passage that references the Gettysburg Address serves as a rich source of analysis and overview of what she argues throughout her lecture. The use of historical references […]

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No Access in the American Dream of Hope

The American Dream of Hope has been failing since history and people have been fighting it for it all the time to reach their goals. The 3 sources that give examples of unequal access in the American dream of hope is the bool Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates, How to Tame a […]

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Language Make Different Way of Thinking

Language is a distinctively human gift, essential to our existence as being human. We communicate with each other using an incredible multitude of languages, each differing from the other in countless ways. For a long time, the notion that language could shape thought was considered at best untestable and often simply wrong. This was the […]

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Benefits of Bilingual Children Teaching

The number of people living in United States who speaks other languages besides English is increasing. According to The Annie E. Casey Foundation, the number of bilingual children in United States in 2016 is 22% and is rising (2018). As the population becomes more diverse, debates over bilingualism also increases. Many researches have linked bilingualism […]

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How Social Media Affects Relationships

Today’s world has seen the most aspect of life being taken over by social media. It has become something that most of the people (if not everyone) has chosen to adapt to make their life more fun and interesting. With this in mind, social media can be defined by many as computer-mediated websites and applications […]

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