Statement of Purpose Master'S Degree in Communication (Public and Media Relations)

The reason am interested in earning the MA in Communication at John Hopkins University DcI decided to do communication because I have always liked writing about everything that looked fascinating and reading articles that I came across. During my childhood, I used to write imaginative stories which I would then read to my grandmother, the stories were so fascinating and she would encourage me to continue being creative in my writings. My grandmother ensured I was around books every time so that I would improve in my creativity. I noticed my life would be more fun if I took a career that would go in line with my interests, and that is a career in communication. Pursuing an advanced degree in the field of public and media relations would be one big achievement of my life.

My background and experience have prepared me for graduate study because I have worked as a journalist in a small film in my town. There, I used to write and compile articles concerning arising issues in the country and the world. This has enhanced my writing skills a little, undertaking MA will help improve my skills and maybe even make me a professional in that field. My main area of interest is journalism  I want to be writing articles that will be published to the people. I want to be writing things that are concerning g the general public so that people can know the things that are affecting them economically, socially, and politically.

People who read articles gets insights of things that affect them both positively and negatively. Thus, my writing will help people know what to avoid and what not to avoid so that they can improve their way of life. The Masters of Arts in Communication offers both applied and practical knowledge  the course is offered in John Hopkins University Dc. In John Hopkins University Dc, the course is taught by social scientists who are experienced and study effective communication, apart from social scientists, the course is also taught by some practitioners who use it, thus delivering quality and competitive education to students. Students of this university turn out to be the best in the market because they are taught both in class and in a practical way.

For instance, students are engaged by electives by having them tackle the real life issues in communication, develop communication skills that are usable, as well as building a portfolio that is strong. Unlike in other universities, where students rely only on their teachers, students of MA in Communication at John Hopkins University are more exposed since they are brought experts from the industry, these experts bring real-world lessons, best practice, and experience to the classroom. The reason why I want to pursue an advanced degree in the field of public and media relations is that I want to be provided with a thorough understanding of public relations practice and principles by examining the structure of the PR sector and also get insights of how the industry functions.

Also, I will be able to examine emerging and classic PR strategies and the use of research to inform the campaigns of PR and also be able to measure their effectiveness and also their social impacts. Also, this degree will provide me with advanced skills and knowledge that I need to enhance my professional development.


Hanson, R. E. (2016). Mass communication: Living in a media world. Sage Publications.`

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