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Oedipus and Lysistrata Are Fantastic Playwrights

Oedipus and Lysistrata are fantastic playwrights. For instance, Oedipus is one of the characters who seem to portray the traditional Greece. On the other hand, Lysistrata is used to present the modern ways of life. Consequently, both plays Oedipus and Lysistrata have a significant role to beliefs and civilization of the early Greece. Moreover, both […]

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Mystery of Oedipus Rex

Sophocles’ Oedipus Tyrannus resembles a riddle. Scholars and readers have debated the guilt or innocence of Oedipus for decades. On one hand, some scholars argue that Oedipus is an innocent victim of circumstances. On the other hand, other scholars argue that Oedipus is culpable and had an inability to control his anger. After a consideration […]

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Review of Oedipus Rex

Oedipus Rex, a tragic play, was written by famous ancient Greece playwright Sophocles. From his birth circa 496 BCE, Sophocles was able to develop his craft because of the resources available to him through his wealthy father. As a young man, he won a competition against Aeschylus, a veteran writer, and his success in that […]

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How Is Oedipus a Tragic Hero

In the play, the country of Thebes is stricken by a great plague, and king Oedipus, being a noble leader, is determined to find the solution of ending the scourge. A determined Oedipus goes on a quest of determining the truth behind his parentage and the old prophecy. After a thorough investigation, he traces the […]

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The Downfall of Oedipus and Beowulf

Introduction King Oedipus written by Sophocles and Beowulf written by an anonymous author is two epics that narrate the tragic lives of two heroes who existed in the pre-Christian era. King Oedipus derived from the Greek mythical stories where goddesses and gods played an essential role in human life that saw the noble King undergo […]

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The Basic Idea of Oedipus Rex and America’S Obsession With Crime

The central idea for Oedipus the King and America’s Obsession with Crime is that everyone has done something wrong and has been guilty of it. In Oedipus the king, somebody was guilty of killing Laius and Jocasta was guilty of lying to Oedipus(her son) so she killed herself. In America’s Obsession with crime, we are […]

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A Comparison of Hamlet and Oedipus Rex

For believers in fate, it is common to use phrases such as, “everything happens for a reason”. However, this type of thinking is usually an attempt to exempt oneself from taking complete responsibility for particular actions or decisions. In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet as well as Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, the classic dispute of fate vs. free […]

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The Use of Irony in Oedipus Rex

Having decoded the Sphinx’s riddle and rescued the city of Thebes from destruction, Oedipus is named their king. Although a plague is devastating Thebe’s people, and many bird entrails and oracles strongly propose it is due to the murderer of the last king, Laius, still living in the kingdom and is unpunished. In order to […]

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Escape From Destiny in The Play Oedipus Rex

Ultimately we are responsible for making our own choices, but in Oedipus the King, fate and free will are both exposed in this play. Oedipus hubris played a big role in this play. That was Oedipus hamartia and it got the best of him. Reason being he is overly confident with himself, thus making him […]

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Comparing The Peaceweavers and The Hell Brides in Beowulf

Throughout the British Literature time period of 450-1066: the roles and perspective of women were very subjective in the idea that a woman needs a man to be powerful. An independent woman was viewed as weak and unimportant. The belief that a man good fix or heal an evil/ bad women was a common belief. […]

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Antigone: Creon The Good Guy

Antigone is a tragedy that deals with conflict and despair at the end of the story. Creon who is the King, creates a law that states no one is to bury the body of Polyneices because Polyneices was the brother who started the fight between him and Eteocles in Thebes. Eteocles was the only brother […]

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Antigone Ethos Essay

Antigone, the daughter of King Oedipus, is the primary protagonist of the Ancient Greek writer Sophocles’ play: Antigone. Throughout the play, Antigone fights against her uncle (the new king of Thebes) to exercise her principles as an individual and uses many examples of rhetoric to support her claims throughout the play. Some background information: Thebes […]

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Genesis V. Antigone and The Role of Women

Throughout time, one could see the consistency on what is thought to be the women’s role in society. As consistent as waves washing upon a shore, society has thought that the women’s role is to be inferior to the men. The role of a woman is seen clearly in Sophocles’ Antigone and “Genesis”, as they […]

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Antigone: Women Repreentation 

Antigone is about a woman with the same name as the title who is willing to die as she goes against the king’s rule to bury her brother while A Doll’s House focuses on the Helmer Family especially Nora who tries to balance being a mother and a secret she is keeping. We see different […]

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Analysis of Heroes in Antigone

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”; It proves this throughout the story through a tragic hero. In Sophocles’ Antigone, it’s a story of the conflict between Antigone, who is the daughter of Oedipus, and Creon which whom is the ruler of Thebes and […]

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Analysis of Ophelia in Hamlet

The play Hamlet, written by William Shakesphere, is set in the late middle ages in Denmark and is a tragedy in which the main character, Prince Hamlet, seeks revenge against his uncle, Claudius. It is said that Claudius killed Hamlet’s father, the king of Denmark, in order to seize the throne and marry Hamlet’s mother, […]

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The Tragic Character of Antigone, a Play by Sophocles

“Antigone” by Sophocles is a play about a girl who was born cursed to meet a terrible fate. This curse led to a life of misery, and eventually her death. Antigone and her three siblings were fathered by Oedipus, the king of Thebes, and a man who was prophesied to marry his own mother. After […]

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A Review of The Play Antigone by Sophocles

Antigone is a tragic play by Sophocles. This play bears the deaths of many throughout the story. In the story, Creon takes on the role of the king after Oedipus and his two sons, Eteocles and Polyneices die in battle. Creon must face the gods after his decision to sentence Antigone to death after breaking […]

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