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Macbeth Fate Vs Free Will Essay

Macbeth wants nothing more than to be king of Scotland. His desire for power comes with how he is exactly going to obtain it. Was it fate that controlled him or his own free will? Free will is an independent decision while fate is the initiation of events happening in someone’s life beyond there control. […]

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Macbeth Masculinity

Napoleon Bonaparte once said, ‘Great ambition is the passion of great character. Those endowed with it may perform good or very bad acts. All depends on the principles that direct them .’ In William Shakespeare’s tragedy, Macbeth, we see how Macbeth takes a prophecy he gets of potentially becoming a king into his own hands […]

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Macbeth Guilt Overview

“To be or not to be?” How relevant is Shakespeare in the 21st century? Shakespeare has been dead for over four hundred years now. Four hundred two years now to be exact. Many people recognize the name William Shakespeare but when was the last time you have read one of his poems or stories or […]

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Lady Macbeth Character Analysis

In this essay, I will provide a critical account of the passage, paying attention to action, language, imagery and dialogue. I will then discuss the significance of the passage in relation to the play’s main themes and assess its specific and wider functions in the play. The opening of this scene is very much a […]

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Shakespeare’S “Macbeth” The Tragic Hero

What does it take to be a tragic hero? Macbeth is a pure example of a tragic hero, people can empathize with him even when he did things people do not agree with like murder. Shakespeare’s story of Macbeth tells a tale of the thoughts and feelings of him and how they affect his life […]

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Reasons Why Macbeth Is a Tragic Hero

Aristotle defines tragedy as a composition of many attributes. For instance, tragedy must be made through action rather than narrative, meaning the series of events rather than the story itself must be in a sense tragic; pitiful and made of fear, in order for it to be a tragedy. A string of events that all […]

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Witches Influence on Macbeth

In the tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare; Macbeth is stubborn to fulfill his ambition. His wife encourages him to murder King Duncan, the very night the witches give him prophecy in order to be the king of Scotland. The three witches use their charms, and prophecies against Macbeth. The weird sisters are non human […]

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Comparing Othello and Macbeth

To confront self-doubt and racism in this Venetian society, Othello buries himself to more military assignments and battles. Faced with these two challenges, Othello does the only thing that gives him respect and worth in Venice- being a warrior. Being an excellent soldier puts him in high demand by the senate and the Duke. Hence, […]

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Elements of Supernatural in Macbeth

MacBeth is a tragedy play written by William Shakespeare that takes place in Scotland during the 11th century. The play details the events of a noble thane MacBeth who became corrupted by supernatural influences and his own selfish ambition to become King. The play shows and warns us that people who turn evil will ultimately […]

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Sleeplessness and Fear in “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare

In William Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, sleeplessness was a broad theme that was evident across the play. Sleeplessness is brought out not only due to Macbeth’s culpability for assassinating Duncan, his rival for the thrown, and other innocent people but also by the fact that many other characters in the play experienced insomnia. Macbeth’s actions led […]

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The Theme of Power in Shakespeare’S Macbeth

In Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” there are many themes that are still relatable to today’s society. The way Humanity acts has not changed much since Macbeth was written. No matter how much time goes by people will still have the same feelings and actions as they did back then. Common similarities are greed, jealousy, and violence. These […]

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How Does Lady Macbeth Influence Macbeth to Kill King Duncan

The Tragedy of Macbeth, written by William Shakespeare explores the life of Macbeth, a loyal Thane to King Duncan. Three witches inform Macbeth of a prophecy that will allow him to become king, unfortunately, ambition and greed take control of Macbeth. With his wife’s encouragement, he kills King Duncan and takes the throne. Afterward, Macbeth’s […]

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Macbeth’S Character Analysis

Introduction Macbeth is one of the William Shakespeare’s works that have a tragic ending. In this tragic tale, Macbeth is described as a virtuous man by has been negatively influenced by greed and power (Baloyi 5). The character, Macbeth, is presented in the story as a Scottish general who has been corrupted by the prophecies […]

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Macbeth’S Downfall

Machiavelli would think Macbeth successfully put fear in his people and gain his power, but this would eventually making his people hate him and made him fall. Although Macbeth shows some characteristics that a good king should have, he does not follow Machiavelli’s wrote on rulers who wish to gain their monarchical status by committing […]

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Music in The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Introduction Shakespeare’s The Tempest is full of sound and noises of many forms, these including clinging chains, hauling winds, horrible noises, and at times some sweet music from a harp, these meant for different purposes ranging from to create fear, progress themes, manipulate characters, or pass message to both the characters therein and the audience. […]

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