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“The Color Purple” Rhetorical Analysis

Self-love is lacking immensely within the Black community. Alice Walker’s “The Color Purple” shows how physical, verbal, and emotional abuse can diminish the values of African-American – especially women. Alice Walker successfully targets the Black community by educating them on the Black community by educating them on the consistent abuse passed down for centuries. In […]

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The Color Purple: a Feminist Perspective

The various waves of feminism throughout history have proven numerous times the difficulties involved when attempting to gain equal rights. The Color Purple, by Alice Walker, demonstrates theses hardships. The feminist lens acts as a tool for thoroughly examining Walker’s portrayal of women. Through the character of Celie, Alice Walker’s The Color Purple portrays the […]

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Feminism and Racism in The Color Purple

How does Alice Walker show that feminism and racism is equally used in the context of race in “The Color Purple”? “He beat me today because he say I winked at a boy in church. I may have got somethin in my eye but I didn’t wink. I don’t even looks at men. That’s the […]

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The Color Purple: Femenist Criticism

In Toni Morrisons, The Color Purple, Celie shows the extremes of feminine injustice when repeatedly describing herself as being viewed as unattractive along with continuously being sexually assaulted. In the beginning, Celie does not resist or fight back, thinking that the abuse she is enduring is normal and warranted. Morrison writes about how two different […]

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