Montblanc Inc. - Business Project

As young gifted craftsmen in the area, we quickly picked up the best skills that could aid us in becoming one of the largest companies that produce a high-quality range of writing instruments. This reputation enabled Montblanc Inc. to be the firm with a great competency with upscale brands such as Mont Blanc and Cross. And as luck would have it, the construction boom in 2000 meant that we would not have enough skilled labor that would help in meeting the burgeoning demand and supply for these instruments (Shapira, 2017 pg. 31). And so, we have attempted in looking for partners up to the necessary scale, appropriate quality, and meticulous process that is significant in manufacturing such global products that would give Montblanc Inc. a market entry into the United Arab Emirates (UAE) markets.

Montblanc Inc. is a privately held business but will be registered as a Limited company. In the next 5 years, the company aims to have made many fundamental changes. Additionally, the focus on low-cost manufacturing, like the United States exports, would be completely stopped, and the focus shifted to other European countries. This would see the company gaining more and more capability in producing writing instruments, and in turn earning a good reputation in the niche.

Introductory Summary

Montblanc Inc. seeks to employ all its core competencies in achieving a sustainable constructive context where other competitors cannot provide the same value of brands as produced by Montblanc Inc (Podszuweit, 2001 pg. 39). Already, Montblanc Inc. has been on the forefront in developing core competencies in (1) producing branded products with high quality amongst which its images will be recognized by consumers” (2) heightening reputation among the retailers through being reliable to them by delivering the requested products and in the right quantity (2) heightening reputation among the retailers through being reliable to them by delivering the requested products and in the right quantity ” and (3) creating a sense of togetherness among the consumers.

This way, the firm aims to improve these kinds of competencies that will see the marketing efforts increasing the product numbers that are offered as distribution across (Fritz, 1970 pg. 22). Through creating a coherent context with retailers, consumers and those supplying the products, Montblanc Inc. believes that it can create a sustainable and competitive advantage over its rivals.

Running Formation

As Montblanc Inc. will be starting as a small enterprise, where the planned staff is in corresponding proportion with the size of the company and the projected revenues, and employee costs will be held at a minimum to reach the point at which the company starts earning some profits. Position Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Manager $ 50,000 $ 60,000 $ 70,000 Cashier $ 31,000 $ 40,000 $ 49,000 Distributors $ 42,000 $ 44,000 $ 52,000 Accountant $ 29,000 $ 35,000 $ 39,000 Total People 7 11 13 Total Payroll $ 152,000 $ 179,000 $210,000 An extra $900 will be included in the personnel plan to account for additional taxes yearly in the payroll budget.

Market Analysis

Because of the initiator’s connections within the context of UAE, Montblanc Inc. focus on the future is going to be minimizing the risk of dependency in the brands it produces. As well, it will seek to maintain operational efficiency and improve the great design. However, the main agenda is to incorporate technology across the value chain, where for instance, the company will launch a Cross app that will aid the distributors with real time perfection of inventory any place at any time. As if that is not enough, there are some pretty significant brands that would help the company to grow in relation to the complete model of working with Cross (Fritz, 1970 pg. 61). It was established in 1846 in Rhode Island and is preferred as the official writing partner for the White House.

This is one of the brands that is respected with a reputation for being capable of crafting fine writing instruments. And so, getting into accessories that have the same brand name would certainly increase the global pace of market accessories by an estimated rate of 15 percent annually. Even if some past experiences have failed, Montblanc Inc. looks forward to turning it up to be a perfect blending. Alongside taking over the complete brands in the market, there is also the need to incorporate licenses that would see Montblanc Inc. participating in the over Euro 1 billion types of writing instruments in the market.

Every company has its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, so does Montblanc Inc. These are deliberated along with how they influence the operations of the company. Through providing a wide array of services by building a modern culture and brand that would be more amenable to the plans in future this creates strengths of this new company (Coman and Ronen, 2009 pg. 54). Nevertheless, the weaknesses of Montblanc Inc. rests in the aspect of bearing in mind that this is a new venture, a business that is unfamiliar, and that some brands can be expensive to offer in comparison to other rivals. Even if the weaknesses can be addressed, they lie on the compelling aspect towards achieving the marketing strategy.


1. Basis for forming a strong management team

2. Located in a significant center that promotes excellence

3. Forming a well-focused management staff, thereby improving the distributions of product into range of offerings


1. Lack of appropriate awareness among the customers involved

2. New and unknown brands of writing instruments

3. Improve in technology may alter the market in distinct directions

4. Absence of enough marketing expertise


1. Export market might offer a very great potential

2. The market context is expected to grow rapidly

3. Distribution channels that seek new products


1. Slowdown in economy could diminish the targeted segment in the market

2. Market might be sensitive to change in prices

3. Change in context of technology might make some brands obsoleteImplementation


Over and again, the main strategy of implementing this plan is via monitoring customer services and cost-effective measures. Therefore, it will be our goal to offer quality writing instruments and professional staffs who will lead in all functions with advanced customer service (Herrnring, 1979 pg. 41). On the implementation stage, employees will be offered with service training on attitudes, perceptions to customers, and ways of addressing complaints from the customers.

Anticipated Investment

The founders of the Montblanc Inc. have invested personal savings worth $415,000 to initially start-up the Company for the purposes of balancing both the losses and profits for the first one year of the business. When the company grows in three-year time, there might be the need to offer loans and add new employees. Nonetheless, there is no need for instant capital at the moment.


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