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Redemption Through Mercy in Just Mercy, a Book by Bryan Stevenson

Just mercy is an extraordinary book, it’s a very powerful truthful story mostly about getting potential for mercy to redeem us and fix this broken system of justice. Bryan Stevenson is a fearless, strong, wise hero who stood for the right things even when some people did wrong and that’s what mainly stood out to […]

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A Review of Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

Bryan Stevenson’s book Just Mercy examines the injustice of our world, particularly the legal system. Whether we may not commonly discuss about it, we all seem to understand how race contributes to unethical and bias laws. This corrupt world truly needs this book in order to explain why we still must protest and acknowledge equal […]

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A Critique of Just Mercy, a Book by Bryan Stevenson

In the book Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson, Bryan who is an attorney guides us through his life in Alabama and how he helps defend innocent, poor men on death row who were wrongly convicted. Throughout each case, we see how a good proportion of the men sentenced were specifically chosen because of race and […]

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Criminal Justice Questions in Just Mercy, a Book by Bryan Stevenson

Bryan Stevenson writes about his work in Just Mercy. He was raised in a working class African American family. At the age of 16 his grandfather was murdered by kids trying to steal his television. Stevenson did not let this bring him down. He went on to become an attorney with a degree from Harvard […]

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