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Lord of The Flies: The Fall of Civilization Into Savagery

Thomas Hobbes says that in the absence of government, civilization, and common power, “The state of nature is a ‘war of all against all’ … [and] Life in the state of nature is ‘nasty, brutish and short’”. In the novel Lord of the Flies, William Golding tells the story of a group of boys who […]

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Lord of The Flies Savagery Essay

Lord of The Flies had many morals and lessons and made a lot of good points. The first lesson is that no matter how civil someone seems they can turn savage instantly. All the boys came from esteemed families and were extremely modest, they were kind to one another. But then it was like someone […]

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Lord of The Flies Civilization Essay

William Golding’s best work, Lord of the Flies is a harsh tale about innocent boys stranded on an island that inevitably revert to savagery. Jack’s (main antagonist) tribe conquered every inch of soil on the island with their brutality, despite Ralph (main protagonist) and Piggy’s increasingly desperate attempts to halt this advance. Jack’s tribe, which […]

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Lord of The Flies: a Comparison of Ralph and Jack

One of the most disputable topics in the world: “Are humans inherently evil or good?” Over the centuries, many philosophers have claimed whether humans are essentially good or evil, yet there is still no definitive answer for this debate. Throughout the novel, Lord of the Flies, the author, William Golding, claims that humans are naturally […]

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Good and Evil in Lord of The Flies

For years many years people have argued that we as humans know right from wrong and are not naturally evil. William Golding’s Lord of the Flies is a novel that tells the story of a group of English schoolboys stranded on a tropical island after their plane is shot down during the war. With no […]

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Ralph a Good Leader in Lord of The Flies

What makes a good leader? A great leader is someone who can take control and take initiative for their group. Someone who can guide, direct, stands out, and help back up their pack when in need of their assistance. In Lord of the Flies, one character who portrays and displays being a good leader is […]

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Comparison of The Novel “Life of Pi” and “Lord of The Flies”

Truth and reality can often be found in fiction through a universal truth in the theme. In the novel Life of Pi, author Yann Martel writes, “That’s what fiction is about, isn’t it, the selective transformation of reality?” Through literature we can find truth and revelation in our world, even if it is a work […]

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