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School Uniforms Are a Good Idea

I heard that you have been wondering if you should make your school require school uniforms or not, so here are some details that may help you decide?! I will help you with wether if school uniforms should be required or not. Students should be required to wear school uniforms because helps your child’s behavior, […]

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Urban School Segregation

The United States has a deep-rooted history of racial and socioeconomic inequality. One of the most enduring, and often-times overlooked, aspects of systemic inequality is school segregation. Throughout American history, people have been fighting to ensure that every student, regardless of race or socioeconomic status, has the right to a quality education. The country is […]

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Should School Start Later in The Morning?

Sleep is a biological need…a need that very few teenagers are able to fulfill. High school students should be getting around 8-10 hours of sleep (Otman). However, Mrs. Smith’s first block Honors English II class gets an average 6.947 hours of sleep per night. Many believe school start times greatly affect the amount of sleep […]

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Consequences of Skipping School: Kidnapping

“Should I skip school?” or “Should I skip this class?” is a question that has passed through many teenagers minds during boring classes such as math and history. Even if the student manages to skip class, there are many more consequences than getting a call to home or a talk with the principal. Not only […]

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Email to High School Principle for Free Talk/Course Promotion

Dear Mr./Mrs./Dr., I am currently a teacher who tutors Economics in Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE). I would like to offer free high-school talks including short-run courses since I am an entrepreneur. It would last not more than three hours per session. I have decided to do so as a promotional activity. It […]

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Effect of Prayer in School on Students

“Something’s wrong when kids can get birth control in school but can’t say a prayer in school,” said George H. W. Bush. In making this comment, former President Bush urged American’s to think about how little school boards care about prayer in school, showing priorities are sadly backwards. Walsh, an author that specializes in prayer […]

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Why Is a High School Diploma Important?

Everyone dreams of getting into high school. The drive for some might be getting to associate with the popular crowds. For others, it may be getting to experience another level of social interaction. However, my story is different but yet similar. I dreamed of going to high school but due to life circumstances my path […]

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Causes and Effects of School Bullying

Bullying is now a widespread problem in schools because it implicates consequences for children who bully and for victims. This issue can’t be solved without the help if parents and teachers addressing the reasons why children humiliate others. If teachers and parents would help the children learn to work through their problems instead of bullying, […]

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Ruby Nell Bridges Going to School

During the early 1900s segregation was going on which was called Jim Crow Laws. Which was Afican amercian and white people, was segregated they had to attend different bathroom, restaurants,  schools, and many other stuff to. Here where Ruby Bridges come alone. On September 8, 1954 Ruby Nell Bridges was born before Ruby was born […]

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What Do I Think of School Uniforms

The subject I have chosen to research is School Dress Codes and how they affect the education system. I am very interested in this subject for many reasons; for one, the personal experiences that I have had as a young girl . One ground for this interest is the sexism of the topic, and how […]

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Cell Phones Should Be Banned in School

With the beep of a received email, the ring of a phone call, the buzz of a text message, or the ping of a social media notification, cell phones envelope our society in whole. Undoubtedly they’re always within arms reach if not already in our hands being used. Nevertheless, should we let phones corrupt our […]

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Benefits of Later Start Times for School

Growing up, I have continuously been told, “If you go to sleep early, you will have more energy to work in the morning. Although that is true, I find it hard to balance homework plus my extracurricular activities as I am advancing through school. I can feel the negative effects it has on my health. […]

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Pros and Cons of Year Round School 

Why should kids have year-round schools? Imagine having school for a year that never ends. Frequent breaks are good for students; They become more eager to learn. The fear that year-round school takes away your free summers is not completely true. Depending on the type of year-round school, it simply means spreading part of the […]

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The Effects of Sleep Deprivation in High School Students 

Sleep is one of the most overlooked necessities we have. We stay up late with colleagues or labor over unfinished work without a second thought to the amount of sleep we might be losing. High School students develop in fast paced and demanding environments that require the best they can offer. Often at the cost […]

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