Breast Cancer Awareness Essay

Why is it so important to spread awareness about illnesses like breast cancer? Some diseases like breast cancer can be cured if they’re detected early, however not everyone is aware. As students of the medical field we should educate the public about breast cancer and spread awareness. Not every is informed about their health issues or aware, researchers don’t have enough funds for their research and fear of mammography. However, there are many ways to help victims or potential victims of breast cancer, education, research of the disease and awareness is very crucial.

In the United States certain minority groups are not well informed on certain health issues due to different reasons. In minority groups people have experienced higher diseases and mortality rates compared to the dominant group. Some causes are from poor education, lifestyles, behaviors, poverty and their environments. People with poor education or in poverty will have a harder time getting access to healthcare or be informed. Those in poverty would have no choice to work most of their times and disregard their health, they don’t have the luxury worry about health issues when they are having trouble providing for their families. Unless their jobs provide free healthcare a lot of these worker won’t get insurance, they see it as an unnecessary cost and avoid healthcare.

In some minority groups most, people have an idea of the health issues that people in their community gets like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes but instead of preventing people from them they usually accepted them. Reason may be caused by the lifestyle and cultures in their communities or personal bias. For example, juke food is way cheaper than healthy food or if someone grew up in a community where almost everyone have’s diabetes it might be the norm.

There are many ways people can spread breast cancer awareness in their communities. First step is to know your facts, know what you’re talking about and help educated others in your community. Know your community, find a common interest people might have in your community like sports, church, community events where you have a large audience and educate others about breast cancer. Use different ways and platforms to help educate others. Use social media to advertise breast cancer events, make posters, videos, blogs or simply changing your profile pictures to something related to breast cancer, talk to people in your family, friends and workplace. Find people in the community who have experiences, have loved one and others to share their story with others. You can organize a fundraiser in your community to honor loved ones, survivors and help others. Volunteer and ask others to volunteer with you at breast cancers events and wear the color pink on October breast cancer awareness month

A very common question people ask is “Why has cancer not been cured yet”? While much progress has been made, finding the cure to cancer is not easy. The reason for this is that cancer is not just one illness there are many types of cancer present; and each type is further divided into a sub-type. For example, breast cancer is a type of cancer its sub-type is Luminal A breast cancer which has specific molecular properties of breast cancer. This helps us understand that we are looking for more than one type of cure for cancer.

Research is a very important component in trying to find cures for diseases and efficient research requires sufficient funds which is why it is very important to find new activities to use as fundraisers so that adequate research can be conducted for breast cancer and all diseases in general. There are many different ways and styles of fundraising one very popular way is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is very simple, you just set up a donation page online and ask friends and family to donate. Crowdfunding is a go- to fundraising option because it is virtual which makes it very low maintenance, it is quick and free, and it helps you get the attention of a larger audience compared to being limited to in-person fundraising. There are many other fundraising activities that can be done as well such as a penny drive, bake sale, walkathons, bowling for breast cancer and hosting a hospital breakfast, just to name a few. All of these activities can help raise awareness and educate people about the cause and motivate them to help us raise funds for breast cancer.

Getting a mammogram is one of the first steps in diagnosing breast cancer yet many women try to avoid this exam altogether for many reasons such as being scared that the exam will be painful, being fearful about the results that will show up, misconceptions about the radiation dose, and also being fearful about what happens during the exam. The reason does not matter it is very apparent that having a mammogram can be a daunting experience for some women. The key point is that we should not let our fears prevent us from following annual screening mammograms. The mammogram exam does not cause cancer.

Nevertheless, screening mammography does give you the best chance of early breast cancer detection, which leads to an increase in chances of finding a cure. Some helpful ways to get over this fear of taking mammograms is through empathy, communication, education, and accommodation. Empathizing is very important being gentle with the patient and helping them calm down will help them get through the exam in a more efficient manner. Communication is key, letting the patient know what is happening and what is about to happen also helps them stay relaxed and makes them more cooperative. Education is another component we can use, giving the patient information regularly and keeping them updated by using websites and informative pamphlets allows them to understand the importance of this exam and makes them less hesitant to take it.

Accommodation goes hand in hand with empathy, if we understand what makes a woman hesitant in taking the mammogram we can think of ways that will make them feel more comfortable and motivate them to take the mammogram so that they have a positive experience and won’t hesitate the next time. The more we are able to encourage women to learn about the benefits of annual screening mammography and make it a good experience for them; the better we can counter all the misunderstanding and misconception that exist.

The importance of the service learning in an academic environment is that students benefits from personal and social skill development. Students gain more information of what cancer is and get aware about importance of finding breast cancer early. By participating and attending strides you increase your knowledge about the community and those people who survived or still fighting with breast cancer which provides you with their stories and experience that they are going throw and have better understanding of what breast cancer is. Therefore, it is Important especially for young people of academic environment who less care and less think about breast cancer to understand that it’s better to attend breast screening to detect breast cancer as early as possible and increase chances to successfully treat the disease. By involving students into service learning process which will provide students with opportunities to know more of early diagnostics that can be done and treatments that available in the world. Moreover, breast cancer awareness service learning is important to teach students to support financially or emotionally, physically or by donation clothes to chemo center, because any help is better than nothing.

We have learned from this service learning opportunity that better to prevent than fight with breast cancer and early findings of cancer will gives you more chances to survive and kill this disease. We learned that if your family member had a history of breast cancer, chances that you get it will raise up. This knowledge has to warning you to get diagnostic screening of your breast more often than usual. It doesn’t mean that someone will really get breast cancer because a few other women in the family have it but know that there’s a small chance is good. It will help you to understand that you have to be extra careful with your health. Also, we got better understanding about treatments and privation of disease. Furthermore, we learned the importance of bringing all together, to involve people to participate and make people care and learn more about breast cancer and be aware of disease. How every single person can bring with you support, care and help and get us together to make us stronger and spread the information more around the word. The breast cancer awareness is getting bigger every year with help of volunteers and participants and caring people.

In conclusion, Breast Cancer Awareness is the great event that could possibly create to raised up support and help for those who needed most, to inform people of importance getting diagnostic scan and not to be afraid of mammography. To educate people of prevention and treatments of diseases.

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