Pros and Cons of Year Round School 

Why should kids have year-round schools? Imagine having school for a year that never ends. Frequent breaks are good for students; They become more eager to learn. The fear that year-round school takes away your free summers is not completely true. Depending on the type of year-round school, it simply means spreading part of the summer break throughout the year. Students would attend school for a certain amount of days, and then the students would receive a long summer break. Right now, about 50 million children have summer vacation across the United States. There should be year-round schools because it provides multiple benefits to society.

Many people see the traditional August to May calendar as the best course to take. They may view it as the way it has always been, therefore, it must be the best schedule for students. The current reality have changed Today we know that children, knowledge and academic skills will be critical to their future success and happiness. Low-income, minority children do not benefit from a two month summer vacation and it is accompanying learning loss. There are 3 main reasons on why summer vacation is no longer necessary. “In the 1960’s reports the population resource center, more than 60% of families consisted of a father working out of the house, a stay at home mother, and multiple children’’ (Ruggiero 67). The quote explains why the low income starts in the summer because they need their parents at home with them. Summer vacation today may be its impact on the academic achievement of low-income kids. Summer vacations can be a grand thing. But since the 21st century, for many children and families, it may also be an anachronism. Anachronism is a thing belonging or appropriate to a period other than that in which it exists, especially a thing that is conspicuously old-fashioned. Programs with extending school years have had much success in boosting the achievement of these kids. What should be done is Additional schooling should not be an invitation to drudgery or an attack on childhood. It would allow schools to include more recess and athletics throughout the year, give teachers more time to conduct rich and imaginative lessons, and provide more time for music and the arts all without compromising academic instruction.

Another Reason why There should be year-round school is that teachers have greater job satisfaction in year-round schools. The lack of time frustrated teachers the lack of time for planning and reflection, they were truly interested in changing the instructional format of the school day benefit the predominately minority, at risk students at this school. “Green meadow had been functioning on a modified-calendar on a modified calendar for three years when the work for this case study started’’(Ruggiero84). There were about three levels of teachers supporting felt about year-round. The support from the country, the support from the school administration, and lastly the support of fellow school colleagues who all shared the schools visions and mission. The teachers received higher levels within the school systems hierarchy, specifically with their area director or Cluster Directors. The Role of intersessions in job satisfaction in year round schools. The breaks make the teachers very stress not only are they stressed but burnout. The teachers have their primary options which include an opportunity to earn more cash, reflection and curriculum planning time, also the same academic subject and or the same grade level, lastly periodic breaks or vacations time away from the school.

Lastly, The best reason why there should be year-round school is extended-Time school benefits Students in Many ways Like ….. The impact of giving poor kids more time in school, better use of time, Financing extended time schedules. The impact of giving poor kids more time in school is a great idea because some of them poor kids will make it in life. They also can look back in their past like school really helped them become who they are today. More times does not mean just more of the same more time sitting in classrooms. “The additional cost over what a standard school in the district would cost per pupil was not nearly as much as the amount of additional time added”(Everyone into the school). There must be a increases in many things like energy cost, and like secretaries but most of it is the operation on whether the school is open for

six to eight hours a day. The transportation fee is a bit more for 180 days for the buses to go back and forth with the time. Better use of time for the teacher is a good idea because it gave them better opportunity to hone their craft and know their students more than they think they know them. A longer day allows for longer individual classes. Think about that! Yeah it got you thinking. The sooner you get all your classes out the way, be better it is for you to graduate or get work release or early arrive sounds right huh? The schools in our study never had to make that choice.

In conclusion, American must switch to year-round schooling. It is the best way to advance as a country in regards to education. Year-round school will bring the largest amount of benefits to the children, and this is what is most important in education.

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