Email to High School Principle for Free Talk/Course Promotion

Dear Mr./Mrs./Dr.,

I am currently a teacher who tutors Economics in Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE). I would like to offer free high-school talks including short-run courses since I am an entrepreneur. It would last not more than three hours per session. I have decided to do so as a promotional activity. It would help the students gain more knowledge in the methods of handling exams. Exams are critical to the evaluation of the school. This is meant to increase their academic capabilities in the long-run. Furthermore, I would be able to acquire more experience as a teacher. There are no charges incurred; it is completely free.

The students in HKDSE perform exemplary well. In last year’s results, all students scored an average of 72 with regards to Level 2 subjects; which are Chinese, English, Liberal Studies and Mathematics. Economics was the best performance at an average percentage of 95.  This shows that the students understand what i teach in class. The number of students that had registered for the subject was recorded the least. It is due to the fact that it looks hard. It involves mathematical concepts. I tend to use simple language in explaining the concepts making it easier for them to understand that Simplicity is the key. I would therefore use simple techniques that they would be capable of comprehending. The tutorials will differ based on the class.

I look forward for a positive feedback from you. In case of any questions, enquiries or comments, you can communicate with me via my email address [email protected] or through the address of the institution. Thanks in advance.

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