The Problem of Obesity in America: Child Obesity

Obesity can be defined as a condition where a person body has accumulated abnormal or an unhealthy amount of fat tissue. Cause a negative effect on the person health . A person is consider to be obese when their body weight is 20% higher than it is supposed to be.

The importance of a healthy lifestyle in children at a young age will keep them from a life of unhealthy choices. Today Americans live a life of ease and convenience, they can get food with just a touch of a button and have videos on demand. Many of today’s inventions make life easier, but is it making kids lazier? Americans today are often lazy and as a result of their laziness the obesity rate is out of control in this country. A way to stop the spread of this disease is by teaching young children is to be more physically active and to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Obesity is the most prevalent medical issues American kids are facing.

Over the past thirty years obesity has affected different groups of kids, it ranges from preschoolers, two to five years of age, and youths twelve to nineteen.( Child Obesity Statics and Facts) from the Center of Disease and Control CDC. We Americans have the tendency to consume more fast food and soft drinks. Fast food has been a huge part in the American life for the past 30 years.

In America families have becoming very busy and fast food has become an easy way to feed the kids when they don’t have any time on their hands to cook. Many parents do realize that feeding their kids fast food on the daily can lead to a horrible result in the future for their kid. Fast food is made with tons of preservatives, fructose, and corn syrup. Eating this on the daily basis can do horrible things to the child’s body like add weight at a fast rate. Every fast food restaurant made their place kid with place grounds and a toy with ever happy meal. Resultants do this to attract the families and kid to go and to have a good time and to also get a fast cheap meal. What parent don’t realize is that it is unhealthy for their kids.

The fast food is loaded with grease, artificial preservatives, and high amount of fructose and corn syrup and other things that makes it bad for your body. My cousin is the victim to fast food. At a young age he played sports and was a very activate person, he parent were very busy and didn’t have time to cook his meal so they got him fast food almost every day. He slowly gain weight and started to become lazy, he stop going out with his friends and quite playing sports. He kept gaining weight and know he is obese. Another reason for the rise in obesity in American is technology. It make our life so easy we just press a button and we get what we want. The most popular technology is videos games, kid are staying inside their room for hours on end.

People have argue that video games are tie to kid becoming obese and it is true that video games cause obesity but it slow a process. Playing video games can contribute to obese, kids spent time play games and not moving when they could be out doing something active like going for a run, working out or just a walk in the park.

Study have shown that playing video games are good for kids but they still have need exercise and not to play games all day and night. If kids just sit there and play video games and not exercise then they are not burning off the fat and calories intake throughout the day, also if they don’t eat healthy than they will gain weight which can lead to obesity.

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