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The National Effects of Cyber Security and How It Affects The Nation

The nation’s cyber-security posture is aging, and lacking experienced professionals. Recent claims by cyber-security professional McAfee have highlighted the government’s inability to draw top candidates to protect our nation’s secrets. States that are being affected by the economic crisis may be restrained from in vesting towards new cyber security defense. Cyber security can be viewed […]

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The Housing Stock in African Nation

Rapid increment and, particularly, increasing urbanization, have created shelter one among the foremost vital challenges presently facing African nation. Increasing overcrowding, declining quality of housing and access to housing services characterize a lot of of the housing stock in African nation. The housing challenges ar thus of 2 types: the number and quality of housing. […]

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President Andrew Jackson and The Cherokee Nation 

Andrew Jackson was a very respected president who during the 2 terms he served was apart of major controversies of how he handled and followed through with the land disputes with the Cherokee Nation and other Native tribes in Georgia. With all of this starting with the United States finding gold in Georgia which ultimately […]

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Race, Ethnicity, and Culture Define Almost Every Nation on Earth

First, there is E Pluribus Unum, a latin phrase meaning “out of many, one”. This 13-letter motto, adopted after the birth of America in 1776, referred to the 13 colonies unifying into a single nation. Over time, however, this phrase came to be understood as one people from many backgrounds. This seems fitting as America […]

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Andrew Jackson – History Person

Andrew Jackson had first earned his fame from the war of 1812 as a general with his great leadership and known has a military hero. After the war this is when he became a very known political figure ,which used new techniques than others and he that was our seventh president on 1829. This is […]

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“Trail of Tears” – Form of Genocide

Genocides all around the world have been responsible for the deaths of millions of people. Many human’s beings are singled out and killed because of the race, ethnic, group religion and being part of a specific national. One of the saddest tragedies in American history is the United States Government the Indian Removal Act of […]

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An Analysis of the Events Leading to the War of 1812

It is vital to fully understand the events that led to this time in history for the reader to gasp the seriousness and sheer brutality of the War of 1812. These events had a major influence on the undeveloped country and its society which caused complications for the nation down the line. In the spring […]

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The Impact of the Surveillance After 9/11

The 9/11 terrorist attacks is a day that will remain in the hearts of every American. The government increased their monitoring after those attacks affecting even innocent citizens. We are shown the effects of this surveillance by the latest scandals such as the NSA scandal. There are also numerous reports of the travel agency TSA […]

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