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Accomplishments of Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson had many accomplishments throughout his life. He was successful both before he was elected as well as during the presidency. Jackson had a career in military, law, politics, and then became president. Many of his successes influenced the way the United States is today. Before Jackson’s life as president of the United States […]

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Ethics in the Army Awards System

There are several ethical issues facing the Army today. Some of these issues include fraternization, sexual harassment, sexual assault, gambling, drinking, favoritism, racism, gifting, and many more. However, ethics in the award system is one that is not talked about nearly enough. The objective of the DA Military Awards Program is to provide tangible recognition […]

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Why i Want to be an Army Afficer

Having a father who served in the Armed Forces for over 22 years, I have been surrounded by the military community my entire life. I have always had a desire and passion to serve and work for a purpose greater than myself and continue my family’s tradition of service. For this reason, I have chosen […]

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Why i Want to Join the Military?

Two or three nations require each adolescent to give two years of the military association and as we prop up opposed to military clashes over the globe some have recommended that the collected states get an in each pragmatic sense obscure outline of required enrollment. they trust that a two-year time of national alliance ought […]

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Dream Job: the Army

I really didn’t know what I really wanted to do when I graduated and it never crossed my mind until my senior year. It wasn’t up until like October of 2018 when a Army recruiter and talked to us in Mr. Pierson’s economics class. And usually when a Army recruiter comes and talks to us […]

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Army and the Military Levels of Leadership

The Army and the Military are constructed of many levels through the method of rank. These ranks are greatly significant in allowing for order and efficiency. They do this by appointing progressively more experienced and educated soldiers to lead those less experienced through the means of effective leadership. However, there are different form of leadership, […]

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Military and Professional Bearing 

The military has been an existential part of my life, shaping me into the person I am today. From childhood to adulthood, I was always around military personnel. They guided me and directed me down the right path, teaching me right from wrong and instilling important Army Values into my very being. One of the […]

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Army Legacy Leader Kenneth o Preston

As the longest serving Sergeant Major of the Army (SMA), Kenneth Preston left a notable legacy on the United States Army Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Corps. The goal of this paper is to provide an understanding of Preston’s characteristics and competencies. Preston is one of the best examples of an army leader, because he represented all […]

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Sexual Assault Sexual Harassment Response Program Sharp

SHARP is an active program that is in place to eliminate the root cause and underlining issues of the armed forces. The Army’s goal is mission readiness, mission success, and Soldiers morale but sexual crimes are main factors that decrease the readiness of the force. In addition, with this, these are criminal acts and unmoral […]

Sharp Reporting Culture and Dignity

My Army Career started as a junior in High School in 1983 till 1989, with the Field Artillery out of Glasgow Ky. In the ‘80s SHARP programs were not present and harassment on Military installations and off post were very high. At that time, it was “A man’s Army” and many jokes about gays and […]

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Sexual Harassment Attack Prevention or (sharp)

Since the implementation of the Army’s Sexual Harassment Assault Response Prevention program or (SHARP) the Army has strived to uphold its mission statement: “Enhance Army readiness through the prevention of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and associated retaliatory behaviors while providing comprehensive response capabilities” Within the Army we are an ever evolving machine, this machine like […]

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Shart Training are not a Failure

A massive organization such as the Army plays an important role in defending the American way of life. Though there are many external dangers in our line of work we are highly vulnerable to the threats that are within our organization. Sexual assault has no place in our professional organization as it is a cancer […]

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An Increase in the Number of Sexual Assaults in the Army

Sexual assault training and the Army seem to go hand in hand, so why does this egregious crime seem to still run rampant through our ranks? The Department of Defense (DoD) defines sexual assault as intentional sexual contact, characterized by use of force, physical threat, or abuse of power when the victim does not or […]

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Sexual Harassment or Assault in the Army

When someone comes forward with an allegation about sexual misconduct, people often downplay the incident or deny it outright. As Soldiers we like to think that we hold ourselves and each other to a higher standard than this, but that is not always the case. It is not always easy to see why victims of […]

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Book Analysis: Sharp Objects Army

For my book analysis, I read Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects. Sharp Objects is a book about Camille Preaker, a journalist from Chicago who is headed to her hometown to cover a murder case. Camille goes through a lot of stress in the book, as she reminisces over the terrible things that happened in her childhood, […]

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My Experience in the Army

Moving to Austin,Texas I’ve met a lot of veterans compared to the small amount I met in Houston. In Houston all the veterans that I met was at my previous job Panera Bread and they were mostly middle aged. Here in Austin on the other hand, most of the friends I’ve made are veterans and […]

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Everything at your Fingertips: the Swiss Army Knife 

In my daily life, it is always good to have a Swiss army knife within reach. That’s right, a Swiss army knife in my pocket can make my life easier. From helping me uncork a bottle of wine to my romantic date, to helping me when I forgot the keys to my car, the Swiss […]

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The Greatest Massacre all in the Name of God: the Sharp Holy Wars

It all started on November 27th, 1095. Pope Urban II stood at the council of Clermont and delivered a powerful speech that instilled the people of medieval Europe with the spirit of God himself. A speech so moving that it convinced people to murder, reclaim the Holy Land so that all of their sin would […]

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United States Armed Forces with a Special Emphasis on the Army itself

The Military has always been a dream of mine that I have been longing to fulfill ever since joining JROTC at my old high school. There are numerous reasons on why I want to be part of the most dominant force the world has ever seen, the United States armed forces with a special emphasis […]

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