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Discussion of the Future of Transportation in Ireland

What is the current situation of transport in Ireland and how will it change in the future? Most people still use petrol or diesel cars, which causes pollution that leads to climate change. This also causes health implications. However, this is about to change in the next 10 years, as the government introduced new laws […]

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Smart Bus Ticketing System

Abstract The Public transport system is a major source of income in developing countries like India. Earlier to reserve a ticket people had to waste a lot of time by standing in a long queue. Bus needs a conductor to collect money and issue ticket to each passenger; it is time consuming, manual error like […]

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Why Public Transportation is Important

Cities can promote public transportation in many ways. However, many cities fail to do so. They make the postulation that people will utilize public transportation only if they optate to, and it does not require to be promoted. This is far from the truth. Many people may not ken about transportation options in their city, […]

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