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United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund

Recent statistics from UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund) estimates 153 million orphans in the world currently with approximately 5,700 being added daily.) Of these, approximately half a million are in China, 17,000 in Korea and 20 million are estimated in India. Many of these children have been exposed to war, hunger and severe poverty. […]

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Hurricane Katrina Vs. Hurricane Sandy

Disasters are those events which cause great losses. The survey pointed out the different outcomes of the disaster. The deaths of many people may include long-term high costs, major economic and political impacts, social and psychological disturbances, destruction of infrastructure, destruction of houses, loss of property, and social life in society. Among them, the consequences […]

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The Danger and Consequences of Hurricane Katrina

Since the creation of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in 1979, there have been a significant number declarations of major disasters. A disaster is defined as an occurrence that has resulted in property damage, deaths and injury to a community. Normally a disaster is scholars today conclude that the definition of disaster is socially constructed. There […]

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Unprepared for Hurricane Katrina: Why It’S So Important to Know The Right Preparations

The impact of Hurricane Katrina forced local and state governments to implement stronger pre-disaster programs. These programs were implemented to make individuals aware of the risks associated with a natural disaster and make provision of aid to assist community in response efforts more easily accessible. State and federal funding started to increase in preparation for […]

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Hurricane Katrina: How to Survive Any Disaster

Each storm season in Texas and across the country are truly a complex beauty of nature that reminds us how miniscule the human race is. Every year many preparedness classes are held, bulletins are posted but many people are killed because preparedness for storms or any other disaster is not prepared for in an efficient […]

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No One Believed in The Seriousness of Hurricane Katrina

The structure and experience of the command relationships were critical for the reestablishment of order during Hurricane Katrina that hit the Gulf Coast in 2005, leaving massive destruction. Approximately 1,800 lives were lost due to the lack of state and government resources and the total cost of damage was over $90 billion dollars, with a […]

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