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The Involvement of Chinese Canadians in Wwii

Introduction Chinese who live in Canada have been through several injustices and restrictions to participate in the Canadian army. But, the Chinese Canadians offered unpaid help to serve in both the first and the second war. Those who participated in the army were offered full citizenship rights and the head tax was removed. The Chinese […]

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The Cold War

The Cold War is a perfect example of the quest for dominance between the United States of America and the Soviet Union present day Russia. As alluded to by George Orwell, a British Author, living under the prospect of a nuclear war was dubbed a peace that is no peace. The term, Cold War, would […]

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Gaius Julius Caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar, known as Julius Caesar, was born on July 12 or 13, 100 BC and died March 15, 44 BC in Rome, Italy to Gaius Julius Caesar and Aurelia Cotta. He was the father of 3 children; Julia, Caesarion, and Augustus. Julius Caesar was a statesman and military general who played a critical […]

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Historical Personality – Julius Caesar

Throughout history the world has seen many men and women rise to power and one of them is Julius Caesar. Even though Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times in the back, he became dictator of the roman republic because he was a great military and strong political leader. In the early life of Julius Caesar […]

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Andrew Jackson in History of America

America has had many influential leaders over the past 200 years, including the most famous Andrew Jackson. Jackson has been seen as a very important figure in the United States history and was well known even before becoming president. Jackson was born in the Carolinas in 1767. Andrew was the youngest of three boys, raised […]

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Paper about Andrew Jackson

My paper is going to be about the one and only Andrew Jackson. In this paper I will be talking about the early life of Andrew Jackson, education, military experience, family life, and early political career. Also, I will be discussing his rise to presidency, along with his first and second term as president and […]

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Accomplishments of Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson had many accomplishments throughout his life. He was successful both before he was elected as well as during the presidency. Jackson had a career in military, law, politics, and then became president. Many of his successes influenced the way the United States is today. Before Jackson’s life as president of the United States […]

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Life of Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was the 7th president of the U.S.A. Did you know he was the first president to have an attempted assassination? He was born of immigrants and had a tough childhood. This made him more inclined to join the militia. All of this made him a strong president. Andrew Jackson was born on March […]

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“Trail of Tears” – a Deadly Journey

On millions of acres in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, and Florida is where over 100,000 Natives American would call home in the early 1830s. Due to white settlers who wanted to harvest cotton where the Natives were settled, the federal government would soon force Native Americans to travel thousands of miles across the Mississippi […]

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Ethics in the Army Awards System

There are several ethical issues facing the Army today. Some of these issues include fraternization, sexual harassment, sexual assault, gambling, drinking, favoritism, racism, gifting, and many more. However, ethics in the award system is one that is not talked about nearly enough. The objective of the DA Military Awards Program is to provide tangible recognition […]

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Why i Want to be an Army Afficer

Having a father who served in the Armed Forces for over 22 years, I have been surrounded by the military community my entire life. I have always had a desire and passion to serve and work for a purpose greater than myself and continue my family’s tradition of service. For this reason, I have chosen […]

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Hear the Name ‘alexander the Great’

Whenever people, myself included, hear the name ‘Alexander the Great’, an image of a historical man may come into mind or they may have heard that name before. Well, with the curiosity of knowing what makes this man ‘great’, I took it upon myself and snuck into a science museum to use the infamous time […]

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Alexander the Great was by Far the most Successful Leader of all Time

One name always comes to mind when the word king is brought up, and that name is Alexander The Great. Being the most dominant king history has ever seen he and his army couldn’t be stopped by opposing ancient armies. Alexander was brought up learning what it takes to be a leader by his father, […]

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The Bond that Alexander the Great Created Effectively United the Various Nations

miliLiberation and tyranny are two seemingly very different topics, however, it is often difficult to distinguish between the two because they are based the viewpoint of an individual. What is considered tyranny to some may be considered liberation to others. The stance that an individual takes on either subject is solely dependent on their position […]

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Alexander the Great did Many Things in his Life

Ale Alexander the third of Macedon was born in the small town of Pella, Grease. He was born on July of 356 BC. He was known as Alexander the great. To people, Alexander was one of the biggest well known man in ancient history. He was on a mission to greatness by his father Philp […]

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Alexander the Great was a Competent King

Alexander the Great is known as one of the greatest military leaders of all time. He conquered numerous territories some of which were the neighboring states of Greece, the Persian empire, and the Egyptians. He was an enthusiast of Homeric models and in several ways developed his style of kingship by looking to those models. […]

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Alexander Learned the Value of “soft Power”

Alexander III, who would later become known as Alexander the Great, was born in 356 BCE in Macedonia into the royal family of Philip II and Olympias. Due to the circumstances of his birth and his lineage, great things were expected from Alexander. Philip’s court prophet, and Olympia’s dreams previewed Alexander’s destiny for greatness as […]

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Was Alexander the Great, Great?

Alexander the Great was the king of Macedonia, from 336 BCE to 323 BCE. From a very young age, Alexander wanted to fight in battles similar to his father, Philip of Macedonia. During his reign, Alexander gained control of 70 cities. Following his demise, Alexander’s empire would hold together for 10 years. After his death, […]

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Alexander the Great had Extraordinary Leadership Skills

Rise and Shine Everyone! Time for us to defeat yet another city! How about one of the most powerful empires! These are some of the words that the determined Alexander the Great said. Alexander was born in 356 BCE in a city called Macedonia, where his parents King Philip, a leader of the Macedonian army […]

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Alexander the Great’s Life

While no contemporary textual evidence has survived over the years, Alexander the Great’s legacy has lived on. The unstoppable force that was Alexander the Great was the most accomplished conqueror that lived in the third century. His significance to history can be examined by studying the expanding or his territory, conquered by his father Philip […]

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Alexander the Great Defeated Darius’s Persian Force

In 332 BC, two years from Alexander the Great defeated Darius’s Persian force in the decisive battle of the Granicus River, Alexander entered Egypt and began the rule of the Macedonians in Egypt, which included Ptolemaic dynasty, continued until 30 BC. However, it is interesting to note that unlike other foreign rulers in Egypt, especially […]

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Should we Celebrate Zheng He?

If you traveled around the world over 4 times within 28 years wouldn’t you like to be remembered as “The great explorer”? When Zheng he was a a child he witnessed his father being killed right in front of him forcing him to go into the Ming dynasty basically taken prisoner. Soon enough he rose […]

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Was Napoleon a Tyrant or a Hero

In this essay we will be discussing whether or not Napoleon was a tyrant or hero. The packet we did in class can interpret whether he was or not. The facts inside of it will let us know, but we may still need to debate on it. I’m about to state a couple of the […]

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Naoleon’s Actions in the War

The treaty of Amien was soon broken as the British declared war on France. Nations across Europe feared the growing power of France as well as the outraged that sparked from the execution of Louis Antoine, Duke of Enghien. Nations across Europe would then join the coalition proposed by the British. Napoleon knew an invasion […]

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Napoleon the Tyrant or Hero

Many people to this day still argue, about Napoleon, if he was either a hero or a tyrant. A tyrant is a cruel and oppressive ruler. Then a hero is someone who gives of himself, often putting his own life at great risk, for the greater good of others. As you can see both words […]

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Napoleon a French Hero

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. Napoleon could some times been see as a hero and sometimes can be seen displaying tyrant. During this time period France need a good leader that does not spend its money on parties and a leader that treats all […]

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Dream Job: the Army

I really didn’t know what I really wanted to do when I graduated and it never crossed my mind until my senior year. It wasn’t up until like October of 2018 when a Army recruiter and talked to us in Mr. Pierson’s economics class. And usually when a Army recruiter comes and talks to us […]

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Army and the Military Levels of Leadership

The Army and the Military are constructed of many levels through the method of rank. These ranks are greatly significant in allowing for order and efficiency. They do this by appointing progressively more experienced and educated soldiers to lead those less experienced through the means of effective leadership. However, there are different form of leadership, […]

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Dynamic Leadership Essay

In recent years the Army developed focused attention towards decentralized subordinate leadership. In the Army’s collective mind, the complex battlefield of the future requires a leader to understand the situation quickly and seek the initiative before higher issues orders. A leader is a passionate professional who executes daily self-assessments, seeks the initiative and earns the […]

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Army Legacy Leader Kenneth o Preston

As the longest serving Sergeant Major of the Army (SMA), Kenneth Preston left a notable legacy on the United States Army Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Corps. The goal of this paper is to provide an understanding of Preston’s characteristics and competencies. Preston is one of the best examples of an army leader, because he represented all […]

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