Andrew Jackson - History Person

Andrew Jackson had first earned his fame from the war of 1812 as a general with his great leadership and known has a military hero. After the war this is when he became a very known political figure ,which used new techniques than others and he that was our seventh president on 1829. This is also when political parties had developed ,also Andrew Jackson had become the leader of the democratic party because he was a supporter of the states having rights and was against the whigs party and the congress because how they had been doing things like how they had been doing it with the national bank of the US. President Jackson made big changes to the Nation and had made a big impact on our nation.

President Andrew Jackson marked a major shift in American politics with his election in 1829,which resulted in many consequential actions. To a great extent,Jackson belittled the American Indians and decreaackson also,to a moderate extent,led the united states to experience financial crisis. The spoils system thar Jackson introduced,to a lesser extent,altered the rotations of government positions.

One major thing that Andrew Jackson had affect the nation was the spoils system because this method is still known to this day. The spoils system is where the the office that had worked with the president from before would rotate because of not trusting them or be against whoever would be in office. Andrew Jackson wanted a whole new kitchen cabinet that he trusted which was had positive effects on the nation but also had negative effects too. The positives was that it did give it a whole new office which the president would trust but the negative side of it was that it could be anyone of the presidents choice that had no qualifications for the job they would have. For example Jackson had hired someone as a newspaper editor who was a unofficial advisor which control what the press would release which had no educations for. The Spoils system had been a major change to how the kitchen cabinet would work and will become a thing that would happen every new term for a president.

Another thing that would support that president Jackson had affected the nation was the Indian Removal act because this was when Andrew Jackson had broke treaties that had were made by washington. The reason Jackson had broke this treaty was because their was gold that had been discovered on the land that the five tribes had lived on. The tribes took it to court in which they had won in the court but Jackson had overruled it and had them relocated and many had died on their way there to the new land that they were offered to go to. This had a big effect on our nation because Jackson had made many Indians move from there land to another caused many to die and that caused the population of Indians to go down and not as many as their use to be. It had a negative look on him for moving them from many for removing them. It was used against him at some points because of the choice he made.

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