Shakespeare’s “macbeth” the Tragic Hero

What does it take to be a tragic hero? Macbeth is a pure example of a tragic hero, people can empathize with him even when he did things people do not agree with like murder. Shakespeare’s story of Macbeth tells a tale of the thoughts and feelings of him and how they affect his life and how he started to live. Macbeth is a tragic hero because people can empathize with him, he was a noble, brave, and has the reversal fate of that a hero experiences.

A tragic hero is someone who people can empathize with even though they have done wrong. People have empathy for Macbeth because he was pressured by his wife who was degrading him and calling him a coward because he was trying to back away from killing Duncan. Macbeth was pressured by his wife and later felt guilty, and people can empathize with him because it hard not listening to someone you love because you think that they only want the best for you but in this case it was not the best for Macbeth. Gatherings of people feel frustrated about MacBeth as he is enticed by the possibility of getting to be the best however at the cost of killing a man that had been great and liberal to him. Macbeth battles with his ethics and his soul however at last his aspiration wins and he yields to the malicious desires.

Also Macbeth is a honorable noble which is a piece of why he is viewed as a tragic hero. In Act 1 Scene 2 King Duncan recognized Macbeth as honorable noble and brave when he was picked to be thane of Cawdor. From the begin Macbeth was viewed as a honorable and had the desire to have more power when he endeavored to look for more power he confronted results as a result of it. Macbeth is indicated not to be frail as he doesn’t escape reality that murdering Duncan was unethical. He was likewise such a solid warrior, to the point that his sword smoked with the warmth of his executing. He was also influenced by the wrong people which were the three witches and people can empathize with him because when people are filled with greed and are promised great things then they are going to listen to them.

Lastly, Macbeth is a tragic hero because reversal fate of one that a hero has. After all of Macbeth’s battles with his inner demons and battles with other places and him gaining power he dies in the end of it all. He is told three prophecies by witches that tell him that he will be killed in battle at Birnam Wood. All of his efforts to be in power failed and he fall to the dark side and his guilt eventually led to his death. Hero’s are supposed to be praised by those around them but for Macbeth he was disliked by many people and many people wanted them killed. Heros at the end of a story are supposed to have a happy ending but Macbeth was losing everything in his life when his wife was ill and died and he went mad.

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