Lord of the Flies Savagery Essay

Lord of The Flies had many morals and lessons and made a lot of good points.

The first lesson is that no matter how civil someone seems they can turn savage instantly. All the boys came from esteemed families and were extremely modest, they were kind to one another. But then it was like someone hit a switch and they were cutting pigs throats and killing each other. It was the fear of it all, jealousy for each other and the lack of adult supervision that caused it all. Jack was even ready to hunt and kill Ralph at the end because he had a position of power and even burned the entire island trying to find him. Fear and anger turn good people into savages.

It also implies that society and rules are needed, different characters showed different aspects of society. Jack showed going back into savagery and started a dictatorship where he tortured his own people and kept them in check with fear. There needs to be a good leader in a society Ralph showed this he lived by the rules and was a peaceful chief. You need to be rational in a society, Piggy showed this well, he tried to set priorities but they never listened. Society needs morals Simon portrayed this when everyone abandoned their morals he didn’t he earnestly tried his best for the good of the boys and even ended up dying by trying to tell them the “Beast” was just a pilot.

I learned that there is evil inside us all and we really only do things for the good of ourselves. The Beast was just the evil inside of them, it made them revert back to being savages. Rogers a great example of this he was a sadist from the start , but then he was just throwing rocks to miss but then he realized no adults mean no consequence. And then at the end he crushed Piggy with a rock and crushed his skull open. Jack also showed this the only reason he invited people to his party was to get them to join his tribe so he could be a chief.

Civility VS Savagery, Ralph wants to fight the fear of the beast with logic and reasoning, like trying to prove the Beast isn’t real but just a figment of their imaginations. But Jack wants to go back to older civilization and use superstition instead of logic. Most of the boys side with Jack and join his tribe and sacrifice their meat to the Beast, even though Jack said It wasn’t real.

Trauma changes you, Jack in the beginning was a choir boy then in the end because of all the terrible things that have happened to him he turned full savage. Ralph in the beginning was confident and calm and popular, then Jack got to them and made them hate Ralph and then he was an outcast like Piggy. Ralph also became kind of delirious and paranoid about everything.

Lord of The Flies used characters to teach many different lessons, using a lot of different personality types shows how trauma and savagery can affect the human species.

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