Robots Take over the World or Help People

Throughout the years, technology has advanced in many ways. From self-driving cars to cell phones that use your face as a form of security, times have changed. More advancements in the world of technology is out of our control, and whether or not we like it does not matter to those making the profit. When you hear news of robots taking our jobs, though, is when we need to ask ourselves, is this something we should be excited about? If you work as a cashier, you are already in danger of being replaced by a robot in your workplace.

In January 2018, a new-age convenience store opened in the basement of the Amazon headquarters in Seattle, Washington. In this store, customers enter, scan the Amazon Go app on their device, and shop. Once they are finished, they exit. No cashiers, and no lines for checkout. You simply scan the app, shop, and you’re done. Within a few minutes of the customer leaving the store, a receipt is sent to their phone. Though this may seem easier than waiting in line at your local supermarket, this store is not an option for those who rely on food stamps.

Although robots are already taking the jobs of many citizens, this may be a good thing in the minds of some people. Taking into consideration the ideas of those who believe that this is a good thing, here are some reasons that they may believe this way. The replacement of humans by robots means that companies will no longer have to pay an hourly wage. In addition to this, employers will no longer have to deal with their employees calling into work or quitting on short notice. There will also no longer be the problem that your business is short-staffed.

In my opinion, more robots should be built, but not to take the jobs of humans. Yes, they help things go smoother, and they may be a more trustworthy alternative, but what would you do if your job was taken away? You would have no income until you found another workplace. Your family would be in a bind, and you may not even be able to find another job in your field of work. In the future, there’s a possibility that most jobs will be taken by robots. This is amazing for companies producing the robots, but not for those having their jobs taken away.

Yes, robots may help. You may even be able to depend more on a robot than a human to come to work every day, do their job, and not complain. As previously mentioned, the development of technology is out of our control, but if you don’t want your job taken by a robot, you may need to do some research and find a job that only a human can do. Change, especially in the world of technology, is inevitable. No matter how much we try to avoid it, robots will take the jobs of many in the future.

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