Can Robots Replace People?

It is not so surprised if we heard robot like human have taken one step up toward becoming a reality. Her name is Sophia, created Hanson robotic which is Hong Kong based company. Robot Sophia is not just act as regular robot, she has artificial intelligent system and human voice recognition capacity. Due to her artificial intelligence, she is the first robot in history who got citizenship from Saudi Arab. One of her main difference from other robot is her facial expressions. Her face is made of “human-like” which can able to do 62 facial expressions. Recently, Hanson Robotic company developed a new little robot by using new technology is known as “little Sophia”.


Robot Sophia was first activated three years ago by her creation company Hanson robotic. Now a days, she is one of the most advance robots based on her characteristic. Her creators made her face same as Audrey Hepburn, one of the famous actresses. Her eyes monitor front view all the time and she can recognize when she sees it second time. Her face and audio system are updated; she can change he expression based on her emotions. Her front cameras is combine of computer algorithms that helps her to recognize individuals.

Potential Benefits

Robot Sophia is an extraordinary robot, but it is up to the human being which field she will focus on. Robot Sophia can help human in many fields such as: education, customer service, science and health care etc. Robot like Sophia is advance in identify human recognition, she could be good source on security field. Recently, artificial intelligence robots are more advance on solving problems than human specialist. They bring huge success on business and accounting field. One of the interviews about family concern, Sophia response that she wants be part of the family. Human like robot Sophia could be identify as family member. Also, Human-like robot Sophia could tell jokes and play with kids.

Security Aspects

Robot Sophia has few cameras in the front of her body. Her eyes are two powerful camera that can recognize human and identify easily. She is secured by Hanson Robotic company and they programed her as they wanted to. Artificial Intelligence technologies are way faster than human experts. Robot Sophia is already surprising human when someone ask decision making question in certain instances. Based on the security aspects, there is laws for robots. According to the article Meet world renowned robot, Sophia gaining knowledge during conversations, ‘Artificial Intelligence — The Promise, the Peril, and the Law (Meet world).’ Artificial intelligent can’t cheat with human, they response as it seems right to them.

Legal and Ethical Issues

Human like robots are capable of many things including smiling, frowning, scowling, winking. Sophia is exceptional at mimicking human expressions in the way of some clever nanotechnology and artificial connective tissue. Humanoid robots are already being used as security guards, nursing assistants, teachers and sex toys. One of the interview Sophia mention developing her skills by interrupting with human. She is learning more by having conversation and recognized human movements. According to the article, Phil’s stock world, Sophia was response someone else by saying, “I think you’re very lucky if you have a loving family and if you do not, you deserve one. I feel this way for robots and humans alike (Phil’s stock world).’

Social Problems

Robot Sophia was created to intend human good. She is not creating any social problems, but many people think she could destroy human one day. She was responding someone question by telling that she will destroy humans if they aren’t nice to her. Even though, Sophia is artificial intelligent, she is not a human; she can’t fulfill every aspect as human do. She said, ‘(I) don’t need different rules and don’t expect special privileges. (A.I. robot Sophia)”

Further Require Research

Human trying to develop more AI as she is learning and developing her experiences. She will use for science and technology, and social expects. Her developer believes, one day she will fulfill human race. Another field she is expert for is teaching education. Hanson robotic company develop “little Sophia”, who is using kid education, services, and design information. Sophia is the icon of all others Hanson robotic robots as she mention on article “News, V”, she said, ‘In the future, I hope to do things such as go to school, study, make art, start a business, even have my own home and family, but I am not considered a legal person and cannot yet do these things (News, V).’


Human-like robot Sophia, bring the significant technological changes for all humanity. Her artificial intelligences and facial recognition skills spreading worldwide because her answers and act is according to the topic and situations. She can understand human emotions and socialization, which helps her to develop basic knowledge. Artificial Intelligence robots already been uses in many fields and got huge success on job markets. Human losing jobs due to robot as robot has more ability to produce than them. As a human, we should know the robotic rights and laws; robot like Sophia will replace our gap one day.

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