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Our Relationship With Digital Technology 

Digital technology is used everywhere and all over the world. It is used in classrooms, hospitals, and in grocery stores, we even use it to help us find where we need to go by using GPS and keeping in touch with family members and friends. Whether, we like it or not technology has taken over […]

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Technology Has Changed Us

It was a cold Monday morning. The DMV was at full capacity. I took a number and sat down. The room was near silent. Tellers sat at their computers, meanwhile the screen chose the next in line. I observed the room and what I noticed was intriguing. Every individual had their eyes on an electronic […]

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Technology: an Addiction

Technology has become such an integral part of our lives. Even now, I realize as I am typing away on my polychromatic keyboard that I spend more time using technology than I do with human interaction. Technology is everywhere. We see it every day in our homes, our classrooms, our working environments. It is unavoidable […]

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Technology: Useful for Society or Not

Introduction Technology is the process, systematic development, and enhancement of new findings. It involves the methods of performing activities with the use of tools and different techniques to make work easier and more efficient. It has evolved over the years of human existence. The use of technology has in the recent times increased and will […]

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Technology: Harm and Benefit

​In modern times, it is almost impossible to go an entire day without utilizing some form of technology. Whether it be setting alarms on your phone or scrolling through Facebook every few hours. Many of us are guilty of overusing technology but few are aware of the great dangers and negative affects it poses. Although […]

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Impact of Technology on Our Lives

Technology plays a major role in today’s society. It has been rapidly developed and changed many people’s lives in many ways. It’s this equipment that the majority of people today, won’t go a day without. It’s that device that the majority of young people today say they “can’t live without.” But, it’s much more than […]

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Internet Server Management: Technologies and Protocols

Data transmission is the movement of data between two or more digital devices. The data is usually in bits. Transmission normally takes place through media. One of the model which best describes the transmission of data is the TCP/IP model. It contains four layers. The first one is the network interface layer which is responsible […]

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Language Learning

The journal article, starting language schema for English language learners: teacher composed digital jump stars for academic reading (Rance-roney 2010), illustrates how the digital storytelling supports the ESL learners academic literacy. Revealing a way in which digital storytelling can enhance learning as well as teaching. She describes it as a way of supporting learners. It […]

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Robots Take Over The World or Help People

Throughout the years, technology has advanced in many ways. From self-driving cars to cell phones that use your face as a form of security, times have changed. More advancements in the world of technology is out of our control, and whether or not we like it does not matter to those making the profit. When […]

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Which Phone Should I Choose: Iphone or Android

Many people today own an Apple or Android device. Although there are a few similarities between the two like texting and calling, you might find out that there are more differences such as cost, function, features, and quality. IPhone and Android phones are high quality devices, but have certain aspects that are higher to one […]

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The Impact of The Internet and Social Media

The negative effects from media have made teens become more sleep deprived since so much time has been spent on technology. Rhitu Chatterjee has done some previous studies that show “[S]ocial media use is associated with disturbed sleep, which could itself affect children’s ability to focus in school and that might manifest in ADHD-like symptoms.” […]

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The Pros and Cons of Facebook in Parent-Child Relations

The world is ever changing. Social Media for example, is making an impact in the lives of everyone since the late 90’s. Some view this as a positive change while others have a very different view of the way it is being utilized. Here we investigate the social media pros and cons and figure out […]

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Saving Net Neutrality 

Earth’s population spends a major part of their lives on the internet. If Net Neutrality is abolished, the people will be limiting part of our lives. Not having Net Neutrality around also can affect public safety or our safety in general when it comes to Internet services. The Federal Communication Commission or FCC is working […]

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The Truth About Net Neutrality

You may know what net neutrality is but there might be more you may not know and some myths you might think are true but are fake. Net neutrality in general is the principle of affirming that all internet service providers must enforce that all data on the internet equally. Under the regulations of net […]

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Debate About Net Neutrality

To say at this point that the internet is ubiquitous is an understatement. What began as a function largely only used by the government and military, then was derided as a “temporary fad”, is now considered a milestone of human achievement. More importantly, nearly every part of life in the modern world involves the internet […]

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Robots and Humans: Could We Coexist

Robots have always been a fascinating aspect of the new groundbreaking technology in our current time. They help us complete task that save time and allow people to do other things, are companions to people, and much more. There are many different types of robots. But what happens when robots start to think beyond the […]

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Changing Intelligence With The Generation

To designate a whole generation the dumbest generation is in the sight of numerous, a judgment that may misinterpret and undermine a large population. There are various aspects and viewpoints on this topic which all must be taught about prior to declaring nowadays generation the dumbest generation. Taking into deliberation the number of technological and […]

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A Research on the Business of Crypto-Currency Mining: Blockchaine, mining and other

Crypto-currency mining has been the order of the day as many Ponzi schemes/get rich quick programs as failed many individuals, different Ponzi sites promising huge ROI (return on investment) failed to keep to their promise as the system failed, this makes them pull out as they can’t cope any longer since they use the investment […]

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The Disadvantages and Advantages of Using Bitcoin and Blockchaine

This research report is about the most popular digital currency in the world, Bitcoin, and how it relates to crime. Part of this report details how Bitcoin works in detail. Both user and behind the scenes perspectives will be analyzed. An explanation of how Bitcoin denominations, the different types of Bitcoin wallets, and where to buy […]

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An Introduction to the Virtual Currency Bitcoin, Blockchain

The virtual currency Bitcoin has been a hot topic as of late, becoming the focal point of discussion among common men and lawmakers alike. From its modest introduction in 2009, the currency has grown in admiration and infamy, amassing a large number of supporters and opponents. Advocators of Bitcoin say that the innovation it brings to […]

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The Application of Blockchain in Supply Chain and Logistics Industry

In today’s world, managing Supply Chain can be extremely complex. Right from producing goods to distributing them the supply chain can span over several stages, multiple geographical locations (international), have several individuals and entities involved, and a multitude of invoice/payments which could take several months. In 2008 a solution was invented to help solve all […]

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