Millions of People Deal With Stress Mainly From The Workplace


Millions of people deal with stress mainly from the workplace. Stress can have many effects on the body, the mind and your work performance. Learning how to cope with the stress that daily life brings is a skill that we all need.

Stress in The Workplace

“The word stress means pressure or tension and it is basically the response of body and mind towards some type of change” (Triaphy.2018). Stress in the workplace can be caused by a lot of things such as workplace diversity; when you gather a group of people with different cultural backgrounds and beliefs to work together there will be differences. If you’re a new mother going back to work not too long after having a baby or being short staffed can cause stress.

Impact of Stress at Work

Some people have the inability to say no in the workplace, which can cause the workload to pile up and add to the stress. “Studies on employee stress management at workplace worldwide reveal the following dreadful impact on work and profit” (Tripathy.2018). Learning to balance the workload and time restraints can beneficial. Using google calendar and other organizational planners to keep your work schedule and deadlines in order.

Impact of Stress at Work

Stress can have a big impact on the employee’s morals and ethics. We are taught to get up everyday and go to work and be focused, and stable and we are encouraged to work well with others. With stress controlling the impact of productivity there’s only so much an employee can do. Stress can also cause negative effects on our health. Some people claim that they work better under pressure, but too much stress can be harmful. Some symptoms of stress are fatigue, a change in appetite, changes in behavior, body aches and pains, changes in bowl movements or urination, increased alcohol, drug or tobacco use.

Impact of Stress at Work

Stress has an impact on Workplace relations. “When stress level is high, it puts a great deal of impact on communication” (Triaphy.2018). When communication has failed then so will the business. The supervisors and managers are people that the employees look up to for guidance. I think that the more money you make, the more stressed you are, because of the added job duties and responsibilities that come along with having subordinates. Stress can cause the leaders to have poor judgement and make bad decisions.

Stress management is important at all levels. One of the responsibilities of a manager or supervisor is stress management. Managers can prevent stress before it happens by offering support, delegating duties to match the differences in the individuals, know how their employees react while stressed, don’t let issues go unresolved, build relationships within your company, enable workers to work remotely and offer employee assistance programs.

Stress Management

Stress management is an essential skill that everyone should be taught. Although there are things in life that happen that we have no control over, we do have control of ourselves and how we respond to them. First thing to do is to identify what is the cause of your stress. Next thing to do is to analyze the reasons for the stress. Then work on the most difficult stressors and go from there. Getting enough rest and taking a mental health day off of work is necessary to help reduce stress. Use the four A’s of stress management. Avoid- unnecessary stress. Alter- if the stress from the change cannot be avoided then alter how the change can be modified. Adapt- to any kind of change, this is the most important skill to master. Accept-learn to accept the stress. There is also stress management therapy, which consists of exercise, time management, meditation and yoga.

Take a minute or two out of your day when you can to physically decompress. Relax your shoulder muscles and take a few deep breaths. You can do this even while your using the bathroom! Some of us are so busy taking care of work, kids, school our families. The only alone time we get is in the bathroom.

Stress Management

Learning to cope with the everyday stress that life brings can be beneficial to everyone you come in contact with, especially in the workplace.


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