Technology has Changed Us

It was a cold Monday morning. The DMV was at full capacity. I took a number and sat down. The room was near silent. Tellers sat at their computers, meanwhile the screen chose the next in line. I observed the room and what I noticed was intriguing. Every individual had their eyes on an electronic device. I observed people closest to me. I noticed some were checking emails, others reading, and the rest looking at social media feeds. They were so in tuned to their devices, that no one noticed me staring. Not until this day, did I notice that society has changed drastically. These individuals were working, socializing, and learning, while at the department of motor vehicles. Thanks to technology, they were able to take care of business, while running an errand.

The hype of electronic devices has been speculated and I had seen why. Aside from necessary small talk, no one spoke a word. The evolution of technology is said to destroy our social being. After close observation, I beg to differ. It has become the core of almost all aspects of life. The enhancement of the tech world is just one more level of human evolution. It has become a tool for career foundation, education, and a form of communication.

Academically, students today will never have to work as hard as generations prior. Years ago research papers took a lot of foot work. Resources consisted of books, newspapers, and encyclopedias. Today, the internet is the modern-day source of information. From stock markets to family history, information possibilities are endless. It is not necessary to carry around heavy books anymore. Texts that were once entertainment and a learning asset, are now a thing of the past.

According to a conducted survey in 2017, half of American adults own a tablet or e-reader. Four in ten read an e-book. (Rachel Nuwer 2016). Books are diminishing, and learning capabilities are expanding. Students and teachers also use technology as a tool. The blackboard has been a focal point of the classroom for decades, but with new technological innovations, the chalkboard is becoming a thing of the past. Teachers can use video screens and projectors for lectures.

Currently, there are Learning Management Systems that create and direct an online course room. Distance learning is available for those with no transportation, or for those with a busy lifestyle. There are websites with video tutorials and demonstrations for students that need course clarification. Those with learning disabilities can use online sources for individualized lessons. Students are able to acquire knowledge at their own pace. Due to technology, the future of schooling is astounding. Education is not the only thing expanding, careers also benefit from this technological uprising.

There are a lot of work places that have remained the same over time. Such as, grocery and department stores. Technology aides in money transactions, but the labor is nearly the same. Shelves need to be stocked and foot work needs to be done. Furthermore, most funds are manually confirmed by supervisors.

Nonetheless, technology still aides with other aspects of employment. For example, office jobs and restaurant employees utilize electronics for daily tasks. A desktop in an office setting, have software that checks grammar and creates presentations. It also aides in schedule fabrication and certain documentation. Currently, restaurant employees use registers to make orders and cash out costumers efficiently.

Additionally, there are jobs that allow people to work from home, thanks to technology. In 2017 a survey of 15,000 adults showed, 43 percent of employed Americans spent at least some time working remotely. (Chokshi, Niraj 2017) Working from home helps employees tremendously. Transportation costs are at a minimum and traffic is decreased. Remote employment is better for the environment and reduces the stress of employees. Working from home is ideal for those who like to work alone. However, it is diminishing social interactions between people?

An opposing party may claim that electronic communication is not as satisfying as actual human contact. Human-Kinetics claims, the tech world has robbed us of what we once used to show affection and accurate communication. However, it has done quite the opposite. It is no longer simple for individuals to isolate themselves. From home, connections are made for people with little free time.

Technology also benefits individuals with social disorders. For example, introverts are able to express themselves within their comfort zone. Socially awkward people are able to hide behind a keyboard, until they are comfortable. There are online dating sites and chatrooms available to those seeking different types of relationships.

According Stuart Wolper, brains are wired to connect upon physical contact. However, studies show that relationships that start online, have a huge advantage of those who meet in person. (Bus. Insider 2017) Telecommunication is said to have made us inhumane, but it is an essential to keep individuals linked.

Human beings are social animals, and the tenor social life is one of the most important influences on our mental health. (Hertzenberg 2018). With social media currently sweeping the nation, technology helps people stay connected. Through the public network, new relationships are made and valued relationships are able to remain consistent. In the past, people have gone months, even years without seeing each other! Thanks to technology this is no longer an issue. Today, telecommunication sustains healthy relationships for everyone.

Evidently, technology has changed humanity exceptionally. The way we think, act, communicate, and the way we feel have been affected. With the human brain revolutionizing and discoveries being made every day, there is no telling where this is going to take us. The possibilities are endless. Technology is inescapable in the modern world. Few jobs remain that do not require daily usage of an electronic device.

Social media has connected people around the world and the internet has become the main source of information. The benefits of the new era have also aided individuals with learning and social disabilities. The definition of humanity is forever expanding. Change intimidates people, but in time everyone will be able to adjust.

Technology gives us more options in every day duties and civilization has only gotten superior. What were once every day issues for society, have forever been altered. Evolution is never ending. With that said, the problems of today will be the future of tomorrows technology.

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