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Pollution & Prevention

Living in central Nebraska, pollution is something that does not pop into your head as a major issue. Around the world, pollution is a global epidemic that is causing multiple problems in many different forms. Pollution has caused problems for the environment and has brought up different health concerns for humans. Last year, there was […]

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Pollution: How Can We Stop It

Pollution is a big issue that affects humans on a daily basis and it is not really noticed. But pollution does not only affect humans it also affects plants and both land and sea creatures. The main three types of pollution are land, water, and air pollution. Pollution is considered a social issue because it […]

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Trash Pollution Essay

Pollution is a killer. It is terrifying and ugly, not just for the animals, but for humanity too. Our Earth is coming to an end. We as humans have become so lazy that we’ve pushed all of our trash into the ocean. Ocean animals are forced to live in our disgust while we continue to […]

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Ocean Pollution and Its Consequences

To many the ocean may just serve as a place for water recreation and fishing. However, without the ocean the Earth would not have the air we breathe. The ocean produces over half the world’s oxygen and absorbs fifty times more carbon than the atmosphere. Covering more than 70 percent of earth’s surface we truly […]

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Environmental Pollution Threatens The Life of The Whole Planet

Pollution is caused by some sort of toxic waste that is throw on the atmosphere or land near by. There are many types of pollution, the main are air pollution light pollution and water pollution, all three are very dangerous to the ecosystem. Pollution is a contamination the environment which we live in and it […]

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Plastic Pollution in The Ocean

Over the last 100 years since plastic was invented, it has infiltrated our lives to the point where it is everywhere. Plastic is in the toys, clothing, grocery stores, toiletries, furniture, and its impact on the environment and human health is immense. One of the biggest issues resulting from such an abundance of material is […]

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Ways to Reduce The Use of Plastic to Reduce Environmental Pollution

Introduction Before plastics we depended on different materials to make items with the reason to making human life simpler. From that point forward a great deal has changed and we begun supplanting these materials with plastic. Plastic is a material comprising of engineered and semi manufactured natural exacerbates that can be formed into ordinary use. […]

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Fighting Plastic Pollution in Mumbai

On March 23, 2018, the Maharashtra government imposed a statewide ban on the use of plastics. Just about three months later, Mumbai became the first city to implement the ban on manufacturing and sale of plastic bags. Recently, the city of Mumbai is witnessing the comeback of this toxic product despite of taking all the […]

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Level of Plastic Pollution From Nestle

Who doesn’t love Nestles Toll House Cookies? I picked the Nestles company as the business that has experienced some trouble in the public eye due to ethical lapses. The Nestles company was started in 1866 by Charles Page then the company was taken over by his brother after his death. The company was known as […]

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 Treatment of Nutrient Pollution From Livestock  

Nutrient pollution is one of America’s most widespread, costly and challenging environmental problems, and is caused by excess nitrogen and phosphorus in the air and water ( Nitrogen occurs naturally in the environment, it plays a crucial role in the nitrogen cycle, as well as being the most abundant element in air. Together, nitrogen and […]

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The Impact of Plastic Pollution on The Soil

The effect of microplastics on soil ciliates remains unknown and generally untested. This experiment explores the effect of the microplastic polypropylene, found in bailing twine, on Tetrahymena Pyriformis. An experiment was preformed using Tetrahymena grown in polypropylene and Protease-peptone-tryptone media for two days. Cell count, direction change, and spin time assays were performed on the […]

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Cause and Effects of Pollution

When traveling down a road it is common to see the occasional grocery bag or plastic bottle on the side of the road. However, pollution is so much more diverse and widespread than trash beside the road. The first form of pollution that comes to mind is air pollution. But when discussing pollution, people seem […]

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Health Risks From Environmental Pollution With Plastic

Due to the huge increase in population and the uplift in living standards of people, there is a big growth in the number of plastic waste. As a result of this, disposal of waste plastic has also become a major environmental issue in all parts of the world. It was estimated that 1.5 billion plastic […]

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Fossil Fuels: The Air Pollution Problem

There are many things that affect our planet, some being good ways and some being bad. One of the major bad things that affect this planet is air pollution. Air pollution causes so many issues for our planet, and for us as well. Air pollution can cause health issues such as respiratory issues as well […]

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How to Protect The Environment From Pollution

Greener Environment What does it mean to “Go Green,” and how is it a means of saving the environment? Going “green’ means creating a lifestyle where you reduce the amount of pollution and waste that you produce, and making an effort to protect the environment. Sadly today, many people have forgotten or have neglected the […]

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What Are The Results of Plastic Pollution of Seas and Oceans?

The beautiful sunset sinks behind the wondrous sea, the rough texture of the sand feels like warm Play-Doh. You decide to take one last dip. Finally, the last beam of light, reflecting off the water disappears; you head back to shore. When you realize something on your ankle. You start jumping up and down frantically. […]

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What Habitats Are Affected by Plastic Pollution?

Introduction Plastic can be discovered almost everywhere on Earth, in the depths of oceans and even in Arctic ice (Parker). Plastic can even be found on the moon, ever since 1969 when Neil Armstrong set up a nylon US flag on the astronomical body (“Plastic Surgery; Pollution”). It has become a favored substance and is […]

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How Safe or Dangerous Is Plastic Pollution for The Environment?

The ecosystem has endured many challenges due to human’s excessive needs and consumptions. Through our part in advancing technology, we have increased the potential of numerous things that have made life easier. However, our advancements have enabled us to implement destruction in the environment. One of the components that have played part in this destruction […]

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What Is The Main Danger of Environmental Pollution With Plastic?

Plastic is one of the most dangerous materials that adorn the earth. Increasing number of plastic waste is a growing concern globally. Plastic is dumped in land areas, discarded to open water ways; openly burned all of which results in pollution. The word plastic comes from the Greek word plastikos, which means ‘able to be […]

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How Is California Fighting to Reduce Plastic Pollution?

In recent years, natural resources had been rapidly reduced due to people’s usage. In the resources that people wasted, most of them had harmful chemicals. These harmful substances were also an important factor affecting the environment. Therefore, In 2014-2019, California has proposed some law on plastic bags, plastic straws, and paper receipts. California believed this […]

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How to Solve The Problem of Plastic Pollution in Chicago?

The City of Chicago’s Dilemma with Single-Use Plastics In the city of Chicago, foam to-go boxes could be banned, and single-use plastics could be restricted at Chicago restaurants under a municipal ordinance proposed aimed at reducing plastic pollution. The “Plastic-Free Water” ordinance introduced by Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Finance Committee Chairman, Scott Waguespack, would give restaurants […]

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How to Stop Using Plastic Bottles and Reduce Plastic Pollution?

Plastic Bottle Epidemic For this project, I chose to quit using plastic water bottles. I chose to go down this path for my project because after the first couple days of college, I notice that our recycling bin was already getting really full and it was basically all water bottles. After a few days, we […]

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Enviornmental Issue Impacting The United States

Introduction The environmental issue can be defined as the problems associated with the system of the planet as a result of human activities or involvement of mistreatment of the planet. In this essay I will be discussing the environmental issue that impacts the western United States, where I will be concerned with mining as an […]

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Fracking Vs. Offshore Drilling

Oil and gas are important catalysts of industrialization, economic growth and important household commodities. The method of obtaining these natural products revolves around onshore fracking and offshore drilling (Jackson et al., 2). Fracking is a type of hydraulic fracturing of shale or bedrocks utilizing high pressures of water, sand and additives in order to obtain […]

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Recycling Has Its Ups and Downs

Recycling is a matter of life or death. Not only affecting products, recycling can restore the air we breathe, the health of humans and animals, and the amount of time that we have on this earth. If we ignore this and do not recycle as much as possible, then life as we know it will […]

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Is Hunting Good or Bad for The Environment

“At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst.” (Aristotle). Animals are affected by their own environment in many ways, whether it is of their own doing, or from outside their way of living, such as mankind’s impact on the overall environment. Our way of […]

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Moving Forward From Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are used in the United States more than anywhere else in the world. Coal, oil, and natural gas are all used daily in ways that some may not realize. For example, RMCMI states that half of the United States electricity is generated by the use of coal and that the U.S uses about […]

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Fossil Fuels Harm The Environment and Human Health

Since the beginning scientists have been pondering ways to dispose of waste so that it does not damage the environment. As of the recent centuries the health of the environment was not considered when disposing of solid and liquid bi-products from the production of energy from fossil fuels. Nearly everything you interact with in the […]

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Essay About Saving Resources Through Recycling

Since the 20th century, the increase in the production of human waste has encouraged rapid steps to be taken in developing different methods of recycling. The disposal of products being consumed such as electronic, plastic, and garbage are filling up of landfills, creating health hazards all around the world. Recycling has many benefits because it […]

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