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Plastic Pollution in The Ocean

Over the last 100 years since plastic was invented, it has infiltrated our lives to the point where it is everywhere. Plastic is in the toys, clothing, grocery stores, toiletries, furniture, and its impact on the environment and human health is immense. One of the biggest issues resulting from such an abundance of material is […]

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Pollution: Plastic Waste

In 2018, recycling and not littering has become very common for an average person in California. Despite the hard work and dedication to recycling and giving people fines for littering any piece of trash, we still have a problem with plastic waste and taking care of environment. Recycling bins are known to be around for […]

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What Are The Results of Plastic Pollution of Seas and Oceans?

The beautiful sunset sinks behind the wondrous sea, the rough texture of the sand feels like warm Play-Doh. You decide to take one last dip. Finally, the last beam of light, reflecting off the water disappears; you head back to shore. When you realize something on your ankle. You start jumping up and down frantically. […]

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Ways to Reduce The Use of Plastic to Reduce Environmental Pollution

Introduction Before plastics we depended on different materials to make items with the reason to making human life simpler. From that point forward a great deal has changed and we begun supplanting these materials with plastic. Plastic is a material comprising of engineered and semi manufactured natural exacerbates that can be formed into ordinary use. […]

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Recycling Has Its Ups and Downs

Recycling is a matter of life or death. Not only affecting products, recycling can restore the air we breathe, the health of humans and animals, and the amount of time that we have on this earth. If we ignore this and do not recycle as much as possible, then life as we know it will […]

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Water Pollution in The Philippines

The top countries that dispose of the most plastic are all in Asia the Philippines is the third. What is the problem, the Philippines are using too many plastic objects. Who has the pollution affected humans, food sources including, land animals, crops, and wildlife? Solutions what can the Philippines do to help the water pollution […]

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The Sea of Pollution

Have you ever been to the beach and seen trash laying there? Most people who see trash on the beach pick it up and throw it away. But, there are some people who see it and think “It’s just a little bit of trash, I’m sure it’s fine”. If you’re one of those people I […]

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The Causes of Ocean Pollution and the Need for Humans to Save Marine Life

For many years, ocean pollution has been a problem, but recently it has been getting worse. In the past 60 years, a staggering amount of waste has entered the ocean each year. The products people produce eventually end up in the ocean which is caused by dumping and runoff through drains. The main causes of […]

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We Should Take Action to Minimize the Pollution in Our Oceans

The ocean is vital to the well being and prosperity of our planet. Covering 71% of the Earth’s surface, the ocean’s vast beauty is not short of unfathomable. It is a shame that people take that beauty for granted because the ocean currently contains a staggering 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris and counting. It […]

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Why Trashing the Ocean Pollution Hurts Us All

Imagine Texas but overflowing with trash and junk, now multiply that by two. That is what’s floating out in the middle of the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean right now! This trash goes on to harm marine wildlife and humans. If people don’t act quickly, then the trash that we put there would continue to ruin […]

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