Pollution: how Can we Stop it

Pollution is a big issue that affects humans on a daily basis and it is not really noticed. But pollution does not only affect humans it also affects plants and both land and sea creatures. The main three types of pollution are land, water, and air pollution. Pollution is considered a social issue because it was caused by humans and because it does not only hurt humans it also affects the whole planet (Gulati). Pollution is something that we should start paying more attention to because as time passes by we are slowly killing Earth and the future generations will start having more health issues or the planet will just not be habitable anymore. Causing the human race and every other animal on the planet to die off (Gulati).

Environmental pollution affects more than 200 million people worldwide (Stain). In areas that have the worst pollution babies are born with defects, and the life expectancy of the people living in those areas are to as low as 45 years old (Stain). Because they develop different kinds of cancers and other diseases. Vehicles are one of the things most people use on a daily basis that cause a lot of pollution. Vehicles produce smoke because of the petrol or diesel they use and the black smoke they release into the world spread out and mix with the air we breathe, causing air pollution. A major example of what air pollution can cause is the Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 1984. The Union Carbide Plant released methyl isocyanate gas into the air causing over 2,000 people to die and more than 200,000 to have respiratory problems. Water pollution is also super damaging to the environment. More than 60% of the species live in some form of water (Kinney). Six years ago, a tsunami triggered a nuclear meltdown and since the plant was near the cost the chemicals all ended up in the Pacific Ocean (Guy). This caused a lot of sea creatures to die instantly and wash up on the shore but those fish that survived are now radioactive. Then humans start fishing and eating these contaminated fish causing them to start developing different kinds of tumorous cancers.

The only solution to start helping the planet heal itself from all the damage we have caused it is to stop using vehicles and every other commodity we have and start living the way our ancestors did 1,000 years ago. Instead of causing pollution every day they should close down all of the hazardous factories (Sarkisian). Our ancestors managed to survive on their own thousands of years ago without all of the luxuries we have nowadays, therefore, we should be able to do it too. At least for 100 years or so for the planet to start healing its self. And in the meantime, we can start growing our own plants and hunting animals for meat. Also making our own clothing and everyday tools we might need (Weisman). We also should make laws that limit couples to only have one child in order to stop overpopulation, because that is also another big issue. This way in a few years the population will start to decrees and we will not be able to do as much damage as we are doing nowadays.

It has been seen how in some places of the world where humanity was forced out nature took over. Now the land is home to many animals that were not normally in the area. For example, in Korea, nobody has ever stepped foot in the demilitarized zone because they are afraid the incident will repeat again (Weisman). So now the land has been untouched for 65 years. The land that had been inhabited by humans for over 5,000 years is now slowly healing its self (Weisman). And is now home to many species of birds that had never been seen in that area before. The rice farms are now just small pockets of mach. If the human race just vanished into thin air, many animals that are almost extinct would suddenly flourish and expand out into the world.

Therefore, if everyone in the world just goes back to living life like cavemen for at least a century it would help the world heal itself it took Korea just 65 years to almost recover so I am sure that it will fully recover at the 100-year mark (Weisman). We have been distorting our planet for many centuries, so it is only fair that we take at least one to help repair it because it has been probating us with food and shelter since man was created. Some people are actually starting to take action to clean the word. Some are gathering up volunteers to clean the ocean they go out on boats and dive in to get the trash out and also scooping it up whit nets (4ocean). Others are working on building a vacuum that will supposedly clean out the ocean in around 10 years or so. But if we think about it the fuels, they use to power the boat and the smoke they produce will only keep hurting the planet. And the vacuum will take years to perfect fully, and once it is done how will it distinguish trash from the marine life or the rare corals that house millions of fishes. So even though they have good intentions they will also be polluting therefor going back to old caveman era.

One of the main reasons people cannot fully help stop pollution is that nobody really knows what is causing the pollution. With the technology we have nowadays the solution to pollution has now become all gadgetry but none of it is enough to minimize. Nowadays in this time, it is hard for people to separate the truth from the fiction to the point that some believe that Lake Erie is so polluted it is no longer safe to drink its water (Kinney). Therefore, politicians make new laws to help control pollution without having any knowledge about the problem. All they do is make new rules that change our everyday lives without making the problem better. There is a critical need to appraise the biological stress factor and the effects for an environmental unit according to Kinney. For example, a city, region, or basin to challenge the NABT and develop it before they make new laws from preventing anything to happen. Science without any compassion or admiration for life is too big to apply for scientific curiosity (Kinney). Biology should be taught in a manner that makes them want to protect and preserve all life.

Smog is another major form of pollution which is made by industrial emissions, power plants, factories, cars, and other things that react with heat in the atmosphere. Smog looks like a hazy brown soup and it usually hangs over the skyline of large cities. When smog is inhaled it irritates our airways, increasing the chances of heart and lung diseases (Stain). Therefore, most cities monitor the levels of smog in the air, and when the levels are high it causes irritation in the eyes and coughing making it harder to breathe. The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency reviews the quality of the air every 5 years and makes updates if necessary. In 2015 the air quality for smog lowered from 75% to 70% (Stain). And if it keeps lowering like this it will help prevent 660 premature deaths, 230,000 asthma attacks, and 160,000 school absences (Stain). The EPA needs to start updating smog standards and let every American know if the air is safe to breathe in the weather channel like they do rain and the temperature.

Pollution has become such a problem that 24 different nations agreed to do anything in their power to reduce the millions of deaths caused by pollution worldwide (Gulati). 6 million of the deaths are because of air pollution, 8.2 million because of unhealthy living environments, and 12.6 million because of environmental pollution (Gulati). The 27 nations believe that together they can ensure the peoples’ livelihoods, health, and wellbeing according to Vishal. They are also trying to figure out how to stop climate change from affecting people as much as it is right now. They also agreed to set some rules to ensure that pollution decreases in the nations. They are even exchanging the experiences they have had in the past in order to prevent the same mistakes to repeat. They are taking this seriously because they know they can reduce the global burden of disease attributable to the environment.

Some have taken the time to examine whether people who live in socially disadvantaged communities are at a higher risk of death because of air pollution. Even though everyone is exposed to air pollution those that are unhealthy or are disadvantage economically are the once more affected. Some of the things found in the air include nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide (Wong). Health outcomes, measured as all nonaccidental, cardiovascular, and respiratory mortality, in people residing in high SDI areas, were stronger associated with air pollution (Wong). Also, neighborhood socioeconomic deprivation increases mortality risks associated with air pollution. Globalization has turned out to be the result of the shifting of industries. Their pollution from wealthier areas moves to poor areas because the cost of production is cheaper. The poor areas also have less strict environmental regulations.

Once the human race starts living like the cavemen it will allow the plants to grow and spread everywhere. Just by letting trees grow everywhere pollution levels will decrees significantly this is because trees help filter the air by removing carbon dioxide and increase oxygen in the atmosphere (Mercola). Trees also help improve the quality of water and even reduce erosion. Trees are chopped down every day to make buildings, paper, and many other things that are used on a daily basis. But nobody thinks about what the trees do for us on its own, because they don’t only clean the air and water, they are also the homes of many kinds of wildlife (Mercola). Therefore once everyone starts living life like the caveman the plants that start taking over the land will help clean the air naturally.

Everyone thinks they have the perfect solution to helping reverse the damage pollution has caused. Scientists are coming up with vacuums and machines to clean the oceans, energy companies are starting to use huge windmills to use the wind to make energy instead of using fuel (Stain). But according to Stain in order to build all those things they are going to use will cause more pollution. More factories will be opening in order to make all those new inventions. That does not make any sense because they will be making more pollution in order to help reduce pollution from forming. This is why I insist that the only solution is to back down and let nature take its course and slowly heal its self.

Living like cavemen would be beneficial to everyone, because, animals and plants will both flourish. And for us too, the human race has bee suffering from obesity and many other diseases because of the environment and the processed fast food we eat on a daily basis (Martinez). But if in order to eat we need to start hunting and harvesting our own food everything will become healthier making everyone more fit helping their health and life expectancy (Martinez). Living life like the cavemen will be helping everyone and everything on this planet. The human race has been selfish for thousands of years and has caused us to completely destroy the planet we live in. So, if they want to be selfish let’s change the protective if they do not want to do it for the plants and animals they should do it in order to start living a healthier life. Because we are slowly poisoning our air and water.

Pollution is a big issue that affects everything on the planet Earth. We have been polluting the planet for centuries and are just now taking action in order to stop any further damage (Gulati). Pollution is everywhere, in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and even in the food we eat (Gulati). Pollution is causing us health issues and as time goes by the damage will be irreversible unless we start taking action now. This is why we need to take drastic actions to stop and reverse the damage we caused. And the only way we can take action that will take effect will be to start living as the cavemen did centuries ago.

In conclusion, everything we have done so far to help stop pollution only causes more harm to the environment. And if we just keep trying to fix the mess, we have made the same way we made it we will be basically slowly killing ourselves and the worst part is that we would be taking many animals species with us (Kinney). Therefore, the best thing we can do is go back to living like cavemen. This way we will stop causing so much damage altogether and let Earth heal on its own. People will stop causing so much damage altogether and let Earth heal on its own. Plants will slowly take over all the land and purify the air in the presses (Weisman). Animals will now flourish even some of the animals in danger of extinction might make a comeback slowly making their species more present. And all it will cost is losing the unnecessary commodities we have nowadays.

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