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Natural Disasters: Earthquakes

Nature is an amazing and beautiful thing however it can also be very unpredictable and catastrophic. Other tragedies such as a man made disaster can potentially be stopped unlike a natural disaster. Nature is the most powerful thing on earth and with that power can cause major destruction. For example the San Andreas Fault in […]

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The Need to Train Nurses to Assist in Natural Disasters

Many natural disasters like earthquake, hurricanes, droughts and excessive rains happen within seconds. Calamities are considered as very traumatic, not for the people but also the community at large. During the last two decades, more than 3 billion families have suffered due to many natural disasters. The incidence and human consequence of disasters have increased […]

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Natural Disaster Action Plan

When it comes to disasters, be it a natural disaster, potentially preventable outbreak or even a terrorist attack, it’s always important to have a plan in place. Planning for these events is crucial to manage the chaos post-incident, which depending on the event, can be catastrophic. In addition to planning, there must be an effective […]

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Hurricane Katrin: America’S Strongest Hurricane

What was the most devastating hurricane to hit the country known as the united states of America? Hurricane Katrina was America’s worst hurricane to ever hit the country. First off there is the question of how storm was formed. Secondly there is the course of destruction the storm brought by. Third there are the effects […]

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Hurricane Katrina: How to Survive Any Disaster

Each storm season in Texas and across the country are truly a complex beauty of nature that reminds us how miniscule the human race is. Every year many preparedness classes are held, bulletins are posted but many people are killed because preparedness for storms or any other disaster is not prepared for in an efficient […]

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No One Believed in The Seriousness of Hurricane Katrina

The structure and experience of the command relationships were critical for the reestablishment of order during Hurricane Katrina that hit the Gulf Coast in 2005, leaving massive destruction. Approximately 1,800 lives were lost due to the lack of state and government resources and the total cost of damage was over $90 billion dollars, with a […]

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