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Endangered Species: Insects Endangered

On earth there are nearly twenty times more known insect species than known vertebrate species. However, there more than eighty percent fewer insects than vertebrates on the endangered species list in the United States (U.S). The Endangered Species Act (ESA) was introduced in December of 1973 and allows a species to be listed as endangered […]

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Endangered Species: the Use of Environmental Dna in Tracking Cryptic Mammal Species

Introduction Mammal inventories serve many purposes: they can help evaluate human impact on mammal activities, show diversity in a survey area of interest, allow for comparisons among different areas, and help layout distribution maps for species as well as individuals. A thorough knowledge of the presence as well as distribution of animals in a given […]

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Fossil Fuel Exploitation

The observations that have lead to this research include, the increase of pollution, habitat loss, climate change and overexploitation. To monitor these observations, companies like Planet Labs launch satellites into space to take pictures of Earth every day, and monitor CO2 and other harmful gases using specific cameras and detectors on Earth. Many companies fund […]

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