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Endangered Species Solutions Essay

There are endangered species found all around the world, in every sort of habitat. Every day, many different creatures are affected, some even going into extinction! This is usually because of human interference. It is a topic of a great importance to us in our day, because these endangered species are important to our planet. […]

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Endangered Species and how we Can Help

Survival of different species depends on their potential to adapt to their changing environment. However, it is not always possible for species to adapt to their changing surroundings which eventually leads to their extinction. To everyone’s dismay, in the past century, several animal and plant species have been disappearing at a very rapid rate. We, […]

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Conservation of Endangered Species

How would the world react to a certain kind of animal dying out or going extinct? Would the world be better off without them or have a drastic change to the environment? Animals have an important role to the part of the life works. Many of the species produce things that are essential to the […]

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Endangered Species: the Use of Environmental DNA in Tracking Cryptic Mammal Species

Introduction Mammal inventories serve many purposes: they can help evaluate human impact on mammal activities, show diversity in a survey area of interest, allow for comparisons among different areas, and help layout distribution maps for species as well as individuals. A thorough knowledge of the presence as well as distribution of animals in a given […]

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 Treatment of Nutrient Pollution from Livestock  

Nutrient pollution is one of America’s most widespread, costly and challenging environmental problems, and is caused by excess nitrogen and phosphorus in the air and water ( Nitrogen occurs naturally in the environment, it plays a crucial role in the nitrogen cycle, as well as being the most abundant element in air. Together, nitrogen and […]

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Welcome Back, Wolves!

An apex predator is at the top of a food chain. It has no predators of its own. In 1872 when Yellowstone National Park was established, the gray wolf was a critical apex predator in the park’s ecosystem. But wildlife in the new park had no legal protections. Gray wolves were especially at risk. From […]

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