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Endangered Species: Zoos and Aquariums

Issues pertaining to our environment have led to nationwide and global debates that are frequently discussed, specifically focusing on if the environment is safe to due to climate change and pollution for humans and more importantly, in this argument, animals. Not only can those particular problems be a threat to animals, but so can habitat […]

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Endangered Species: Polar Bear

Currently, the polar bear population worldwide is around twenty-two and thirty-one thousand according to the IUCN (International union for conservation and nature). There are nineteen distinct populations of which thirteen are in Canada, that means that around 60 and 80 percent are in Canada (around twenty-five thousand). The most affected populations of the arctic are […]

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Endangered Species and Scientists’ Attempts to Save Them

Endangered species have had scientists and environmentalists scared for not only years but decades. Weather it’s tigers, sea turtles, rhinos, or the many more species that are in danger of going extinct in the coming years or decades. It has been a problem that scientists and environmentalists have been warning us about and trying to […]

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Endangered Species and How We Can Help

Survival of different species depends on their potential to adapt to their changing environment. However, it is not always possible for species to adapt to their changing surroundings which eventually leads to their extinction. To everyone’s dismay, in the past century, several animal and plant species have been disappearing at a very rapid rate. We, […]

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Endangered Species: The Fault of Peoply

During evolution it is natural for some sub-species to reach a point where they become extinct. However, the extinction of more animals is becoming more prevalent due to human interactions such as habitat destruction, over-hunting of species, along with other activities that infringe upon an animal’s natural environment. A species is termed endangered when its […]

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Endangered Species Solutions Essay

There are endangered species found all around the world, in every sort of habitat. Every day, many different creatures are affected, some even going into extinction! This is usually because of human interference. It is a topic of a great importance to us in our day, because these endangered species are important to our planet. […]

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Endangered Species: The Use of Environmental Dna in Tracking Cryptic Mammal Species

Introduction Mammal inventories serve many purposes: they can help evaluate human impact on mammal activities, show diversity in a survey area of interest, allow for comparisons among different areas, and help layout distribution maps for species as well as individuals. A thorough knowledge of the presence as well as distribution of animals in a given […]

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Endangered Species: Insects Endangered

On earth there are nearly twenty times more known insect species than known vertebrate species. However, there more than eighty percent fewer insects than vertebrates on the endangered species list in the United States (U.S). The Endangered Species Act (ESA) was introduced in December of 1973 and allows a species to be listed as endangered […]

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Protection of Endangered Species

In the beginning of 2018, researches have calculated 801 different types on animals that have gone completely extinct in which 65 of them are extinct in the wild. Researches have calculated about 3,879 different types on animal’s that are critically endangered. People say protecting endangered animals is a waste of money, time, and has no […]

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Should We Save Endangered Species

If endangered animals and plants lack a known benefit to mankind, should we care if they disappear? Many people are uneducated about the impact plants and animals have on society. Although multiple species benefit society, many of those species are endangered. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service, FWS, states, “Biologists estimate that since the […]

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Both Humans and Animals Are Endangered Species

Every morning when you wake up in the morning, the first thing you may think about most likely isn’t “How am I going to help the world”? But how would you feel if I told you that you are one of the main causes of species around the world going extinct? Well most people have […]

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