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Causes of High Hydrothermal Potential

In Turkey, the installed power generation and energy consumptions countrywide have reached to about 44 GWe and 106 million TOE correspondingly. Even though the geothermal energy constitutes a small contribution, also in the same situation it was to be included in the energy portfolio as one of the local supply (Ozgur, 2008). Therefore, the discussion […]

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The Development of Electricity: a Look into Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla

It would be hard to refute that one of the most important developments of the 20th Century was the development of the electrical grid. It radically changed our society; allowing simultaneously larger windows of working hours and giving us far more leisure time than was possible without it; in fact, it has been suggested that […]

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A Bit about Nikola Tesla

A man named the first self-driving car after an inventor. His Invention Was a Special Coil that made alternating-current electricity. He had an amazing Memory, with an IQ, around 245 (a normal IQ is 100). He is Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla was born during a lightning storm in 1856 on July 10th. His mother believed […]

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