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The Language of Multilingual Communities

In multilingual settings, code-exchanging is a far reaching marvel that occurs from day by day life and work environments to classes in which particular dialects have been established as their official dialects of direction. Malaysia is among the countries that has multilingual groups that comprises of three principle races” Malay, Chinese and Indians. From the […]

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The Importance of Collaborative Learning in Practicing Speaking English

Introduction Speaking English has become an important thing to do especially for those who are seeking a rewarding job or want to study abroad. Therefore, the need for practicing this skill is indispensable which leads to the demand for collaborative in learning and achieving this skill. Language Center of University of Abdurachman Saleh Situbondo (UNARS) […]

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Overview of the Concept of Education

Education is very important for succeeding in life, and that difference between this family about education. The author gives some information about Rodriguez background. When Rodriguez started school, he didn’t speak English. Being torn between conforming to the public, and private language, he discusses themes of intimacy and language. However, Rodriguez used Spanish, and the […]

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Language Make Different Way of Thinking

Language is a distinctively human gift, essential to our existence as being human. We communicate with each other using an incredible multitude of languages, each differing from the other in countless ways. For a long time, the notion that language could shape thought was considered at best untestable and often simply wrong. This was the […]

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