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The Language of Multilingual Communities

In multilingual settings, code-exchanging is a far reaching marvel that occurs from day by day life and work environments to classes in which particular dialects have been established as their official dialects of direction. Malaysia is among the countries that has multilingual groups that comprises of three principle races” Malay, Chinese and Indians. From the […]

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Revision of an Essay and Need an Extra Page Added

Richard Rodriguez was an American writer born in 1944. He wrote several books that gave him media attention. Hunger of memory was his first book released in 1982, and it gave an honest and sensitive experience of the writer whereby he attacked the affirmative action and bilingual education programs. The book talks about the authors […]

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Bilingualism: Advantages and Disadvantages

Learning a second language can be very hard and time consuming but learning native languages as a kid is very easy and usually comes naturally as the kid develops. Kids raised in a two-language home develop both languages as they grow and end up bilingual. Being bilingual is a privilege but usually comes at a […]

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Benefits of Bilingual Children Teaching

The number of people living in United States who speaks other languages besides English is increasing. According to The Annie E. Casey Foundation, the number of bilingual children in United States in 2016 is 22% and is rising (2018). As the population becomes more diverse, debates over bilingualism also increases. Many researches have linked bilingualism […]

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