Causes of High Hydrothermal Potential

In Turkey, the installed power generation and energy consumptions countrywide have reached to about 44 GWe and 106 million TOE correspondingly. Even though the geothermal energy constitutes a small contribution, also in the same situation it was to be included in the energy portfolio as one of the local supply (Ozgur, 2008). Therefore, the discussion below explains why the Aydin-germencik has a very high hydrothermal potential.

The high hydrothermal potential is as a result of the country having more than 1000 thermal water springs group which further ensure high production of energy (Das,2007). Also, geothermal resources found in Turkey differ in temperature from around 30-242 Oc, and they occur in a usage of water or liquid water and steam. The areas where moderate level and high geothermal field are found are in the western part of the nation. This is, therefore, one of the reasons why aydin germencik has a very high hydrothermal potential.

Furthermore, the high geothermal potential in Turkey is because of the geology such as the one located in western part of Turkey in the Graben systems. Even though, many of the turkey geothermal plants are located on large reservoirs where there is high carbon content on various non-condensable vapors in the geothermal fluids are very high. Hence care must be taken for the purpose of avoiding high carbon emission and increasing the potential. Lastly due to the presence of situation of geothermal wells has furthermore improved the potential.

It is estimated that about 1441 geothermal exploration and also production and injection shafts for the purpose of electrical production and more so direct use have been bored in turkey containing a total depth of not less than 1.048.449 and hence ensuring a very high hydrothermal potential in Turkey( Bertani, 2012). In Turkey majority of the reservoir are natural while others few are man human made while also being a highly carbonic reservoir.


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