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Independent Project

Question Conduct an observational experiment to investigate how the exam timetable affected the performance of students in sevens exams in a class of eighteen students. Description Divide the student into three groups of six and name them as group A, B and C. Set three exam timetables. Schedule the time of doing the exams in […]

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Sexism Attitude Regarding Gender Roles

This section presents the results of some analyses which have been conducted. One of the analysis is mediation analysis, which shows that the more people hold sexism attitude regarding gender roles, the more they endorse motherhood myths, which in turn enhances the opposition to women’s career after the birth of a child. The survey conducted […]

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Effects of Education

Limitation The present study was based on the assessment of knowledge score and to assess the effectiveness of psycho-educative module on cannabis use disorder. It was found that the psycho-educative module was effective and there was increase in the knowledge score of the adolescents but there was some limitations of the present study. The study […]

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Studies on Corporal Punishment

The study done by Jamie Cage and Sarah Font was meant to examine how physical punishment, corporal and physical abuse influence how a child does in school and self-isolation. Corporal punishment is a physical punishment of any sort. In the study, the researchers examined children from ages of 3-14 over a span of 3 years […]

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Research Analysis of Crime and Juvenile Delinquency

​Analyzing data is a very important aspect of conducting a research; therefore it requires proper and knowledgeable development of research variables. The research data that is collected needs to be analyzed through analytical and logical thinking of evaluating the data collected. Research variables are termed as “measurable attribute that changes or varies across the experiment […]

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Global Problem of Single Mothers 

The significance of this study is to bring awareness and emotional regulations single mother’s face when obtaining a college degree, essential to their lives such as welfare, child care and social support while trying to raise a family.  The world we live in today, the economy has produced higher unemployment rates, and higher well fare […]

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