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Jurassic Park Book Review

“Jurassic Park” is a book filled with epic creatures and action-packed scenes. On an island filled with larger than life dinosaurs, they can seem like the main attraction. However, the people in the book also play a huge role in the drama and suspense of the story. With most of them being scientists or investors, […]

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My Favorite Film Jurassic Park1993

Cloning Dinosaurs Seemed like a good Idea. Until the first visitors arrived, the Dinosaurs escaped, and the action begins. Jurassic Park Steven Spielberg’s Sci-fi adventure starring Sam Neil and Jeff Goldblum was 1993’s top box office earner. This film was one greatest film of the year worldwide yet in addition open the chance to another […]

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Humanities Course Book Report: Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park was originally published on November 20th, 1990 by Michael Crichton. I choose Jurassic Park because I love science fiction. I connected with this book the most because of how bizarre the book is and how had many questions on why the author set up the book the way he did with mysteries and […]

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