A Bit About Nikola Tesla

A man named the first self-driving car after an inventor. His Invention Was a Special Coil that made alternating-current electricity. He had an amazing Memory, with an IQ, around 245 (a normal IQ is 100). He is Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla was born during a lightning storm in 1856 on July 10th. His mother believed he would be the ‘Child of Lighting’. Nikola Tesla was born in Smiljan, Croatia, in 1856. Nikola’s Father Djuka Mandic wanted Nikola Tesla to join the priesthood since Nikola’s Father was a priest. Nikolas Father agreed to at least let Nikola Tesla go into an engineering school instead of becoming a priest. When Nikola Tesla became a teenager he was a Germaphobe. When he was about to eat he would at least clean the table with 15 napkins. Then he would wear gloves during dinner because of his phobia.

Nikola Tesla started his journey to becoming an inventor. Some of his most famous devices are the magnifying transmitter, Tesla turbine, and the tesla coil. He invented something called the Tesla Coil; one of his most famous devices. The Tesla coil is an electrical resonant transformer circuit. The Tesla coil produces bolts of high voltage electricity. Nikola also made something called the Tesla turbine. How the Tesla turbine works is it has five holes in front and back. Inside the Tesla, turbine is when the air is getting captured and is spinning the wheel. The air would exit through the holes in the front and back holes and spins at a fast pace. The Magnifying transmitter is kind of just like the Tesla Coil. The Magnifying transmitter was a circuit. The Magnifying transmitter was just Waves of electricity.

Not long after in the 1880s the War of the Currents (AC versus DC) started between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. Nikola Tesla won the Battle in 1889. How Nikola Tesla won the battle was Nikola used something called a transformer and Transformers only work with AC ( AC electricity ). Nikola Tesla can boost a lot of volts like thousands for long distances than can cut the high volts down to make it safe.

Sadly Nikola Tesla Died after a few years from coronary thrombosis. He was 86 years old when he died. In my opinion, he was a great and wise man he influences me to work hard in Life. He nearly lived for 60 years. Seeing what he did and invented.It makes me proud of him and fascinated. Thank you for reading my essay. I hope Nikola Tesla Inspires you and taught you something. He is a wise man and every one is wise in their own way. In this case, Nikola Tesla has proven to be the Child of Lighting.

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